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200 New Travel Bugs to Launch


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If you live in or near Bellevue, you can help with this fun Travel Bug project.


There will be approximately 200 new Travel Bugs launched over the next couple of months in Bellevue! The starting cache is The Sculpture Launcher, a simple offset cache. These Travel Bugs are works of public art created by local teens. When the cache is up, please come by and help get a Travel Bug started on its journey.


The sculptural Travel Bugs were created using a variety of recycled materials as a teen project for the 2008 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is Sculpted Green. Many of the works to be on display at Bellevue City Hall and the Downtown Park from June 14 to Oct. 5 will relate sculpture to sustainability and provide artful inspiration for green living through their message and materials. Visit the second floor of City Hall to view an evolving exhibition of select Sculptural Travel Bugs.


Each TB wants to travel throughout King County and visit a particular location. Please check the goal! Once that goal is reached, the TB wants to travel some more and return to The Sculpture Launcher geocache later in the summer. Please check for the return date!

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The cache page is up and running. Please note that we are requesting only Grab or Drop logs on the Travel Bugs. Because we are tracking 200 bugs, Discovered logs would overwhelm us. Plus, the sculpture pieces are fragile and we don't want folks rummaging through the geocache trying to record tag numbers. Many are wrapped and in baggies for their protection.


I hope that a lot of people will help us get these on their way starting tomorrow morning. Please take and post photos! Thank you.


Oh, and a clarification: The photos that you see at the Bellevue Sculpture Exhition site are not the Travel Bugs! Those are the big sculptures. The travel bugs will get their own photo page here. So yes, you could take the Travel Bugs on a hike. :)

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I visited this one today - interesting idea, and my first visit to Bellevue City Hall. Nice place! The kids' sculptures are way cool, and I had fun looking through them. Great that they did this project and are sharing it with us. However, I noticed a couple of them are already broken, despite being in bubble wrap. I have to wonder how they are going to hold up - they are fragile ceramics, many with small pieces sticking out, and they are a bit bulky. If they are already breaking just by being put into the cache, how will they fare being moved around? The one I brought home was bubble-wrapped, but one of its crab's hind legs was already broken off (I've glued it but...). I'm just sayin' - we may know to handle these with care, but will all cachers?. :rolleyes: On a side note, it was hard to see most of the sculptures, since they were in paper and/or bubble wrap; couldn't easily get a sense of most without unwrapping them.

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Thank you to those who have already visited this geocache and picked up some bugs! We'll put more in the geocache soon--but don't worry, it's not empty! Come by tomorrow and grab one.


As for not seeing the bugs, some will be more wrapped (and more fragile) than others. It will be kind of a grab bag for the wrapped ones, so just pick one and see what you get! We do have some that are a bit less fragile.


I should point out that beginning on June 16, you'll be able to see a bunch of them on display on the second level of City Hall, so be sure to come have a look. I'll post a photo when it is ready.

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There is not really a good way to know which are inside and which are outside. Generally, if it is a larger ceramic piece, you can be pretty sure it is inside.


By the way, someone walked off with SeaLife and left its Travel Bug tags in the geocache. I hope that this unknown person will return SeaLife to the geocache. The sculptures are not "for keeps"!

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