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best gps $100 to $200

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I picked up a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx, got it online for under $200, and it's a great little gadget. High-sensitivity receiver, color screen, MicroSD slot, and since it's a Garmin, you can upload caches directly from geocaching.com to it. I'm very happy with mine, and I haven't even really done any GCing with it yet, but I do use i on my motorcycle and mountain bike.


Here's where I got mine, $188 with free shipping:



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The Summit HC ($188). Has color screen, electronic compass, altimeter, excellent battery life.


If you think you will add auto-routing maps in the future, the aforementioned Legend HCx ($200) is a solid choice. It does not have an electronic compass or altimeter but, over the Summit, supports external memory cards and supports the optional (about $115) auto-routing maps. The Summit HC also supports maps ($85 non-auto-routing version) but only has 32mb of internal memory vs a 2gb card bay for the Legend.


The Venture HC goes for about $130. It is the Summit HC sans electronic compass and altimeter.

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Welcome to the Forums! :unsure:


Although many people got started with that GPS unit, the technology in it is more than four years old now. Visit the Garmin website and their Comparison Page and check out the new units with 'H' in the model name. That means they have the "High Sensitivity" receiver and will hold a signal much better than that old Blue Legend.


You want to get one that connects to your computer with USB so you don't have to worry about Serial Port adapters if your computer doesn't have a Serial Port.

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What about the Garmin eTrex Legend shown here?




Is that a good starter? I'm looking for one for my wife who is a beginner.


5 years ago I would have said yes. But technology has left the Legend in the dust and I wouldn't recommend buying it today, especially when you can get a far, far better unit with the latest technology like the Venture HC for only $30 more. And with the Legend you'll need to buy a serial adapter to hook it to your PC which is 20-30 bucks, which about makes up for the price difference.

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I had a older venture and had some problems with the screen going blank and stuff which affected geocaching (so I didn't stick with it long) and then saw an add for a low end garmin with the "high sensitivity" reciever. I didn't get that one but I did get the venture HC. I could not believe the difference the HC reciever made!!! I was losing signal in trees before, the new one not only maintains the signal in tree cover but also in the house!!!


So I was going to just throw my old one away. Instead I called garmin and for a little over 70 bucks they said they would fix it. I opted for that and sent it off. About a week later I recieved a new venture (the non-HC model).


I let my friend use it and it's nice to have as a back up model but I would rather have a geko with an HC reciever than a high end model with the older reciever.


I went with the venture because it was the least expensive I found at the time and it came with the cable, which like someone else stated, is a few extra bucks. It's fine for me. I have ordered a palm m500 for paperless caching, I think that I will have a good combo when I get used to it. I don't care about the mapping features but it's important to some people. I would rather pay less and not have mapping than pay more and have poor mapping. I understand the garmin 60 has built in mapping, and more importantly you can store more waypoints. If I had it to do over I might take a longer look at the 60 but since I am getting a palm to go with my gps it's probably a moot point.


I hope that was not too confusing, I'm tired.

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