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Orkneys caches

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We are visiting from Australia and bringing with us a Travel Bug Joshua's Saphire Dragon. As part of our trip we are taking an adventure cruise around Scotland from Oban to Aberdeen. Joshua's grandfather was born near Kirkwall and our aim is to leave the Dragon as close to there as possible. However, we have been unsuccessful in tracing any cache in the Orkneys. Also, we notice the Orkneys and Shetlands are not on the UK map on the UK site. Can anyone help, please? If we have missed anything obvious, bear with us, we're still novices.

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Many thanks, paganleaf and Maple Frog. One showed on the map, paganfrog, but it looks the nearest to Kirkwall (An Orkney View). Our next tasks will be to get the ship to wait long enough for us and to find transport. Begs the question of why they didn't come up when I searched the UK site for caches within a radius of Kirkwall, shows we have a lot to learn.

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Begs the question of why they didn't come up when I searched the UK site for caches within a radius of Kirkwall, shows we have a lot to learn.


I find the quickest way to get an idea of caches in an area is to use the Google earth add on. (Bottom of right hand colum on "My Account" page

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'An Orkney View' could practially be a drive by, as there is a road from the south, up past a farm, right to the top. From there its just a short walk to the cache.


Gaulton View is a good hour to hour and a half walk each way from Yesnaby, and is on the other side of the mainland, assuming you are coming in at Kirkwall, so is probably not do-able. If coming in at Stromness, it might just be do-able, if you've a few hours to spare.


Both are brilliant caches, with wonderful views.


Enjoy your visit. :D

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If you have the time I really recommend a visit to all three caches on Orkney, they are all worth a visit.


Sensibly though, you're going to need a car to get you close to the caches. None are within easy walking of Kirkwall. The one at the top of Widford Hill is closest, but if memory serves, the only access is a steep and muddy road from the south, so it's definately easier by car.


How long are you there for? There are loads of other great sites you should see during your visit if you have time - happy to recomend a few if you want.....

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Many thanks Just Roger, La Fifi and mouse, you have all encouraged us. Just Roger, you prompted us to get on with Google Earth (we're novices, trying one step at a time) and we might have the hang of it.. Thanks for the advice, La Fifi. mouse, we probably won't have much time, we're just hoping the ship docks in Kirkwall, it's a very flexible, weather-driven itinerary. Our aim is to get Joshua's dragon to a cache as close to Joshua's grandfather's birthplace as possible. If any of you are attending the Mega Event at Harrogate, hope we meet up. Thanks again, all.

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