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I've got the "Gasoline Blues" geocoin sale


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I am taking a road trip to Tennessee at the end of the week, making a short stop in Missouri along the way. To help defray the cost of gas I am selling a few geocoins. I have several of the Nerds (v2-trackable) for $5 each and several of the Geoguitars that say WI_Robin 2008 on the back. Shipping is $2 in the USA and $3 international for the first coin and $.50 for each additional coin. You can contact me at wisconsin_robin@yahoo.com Thanks - Robin


th_TennesseeGeocoins002.jpg $10

th_TennesseeGeocoins008.jpg $5


$5 each specify color


WoW - those went quick! Thanks!! This is what I have left :D .

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Hey, I've been wondering where your name has been :) Glad everything seems to be swell with you.


I just have not had the time or funds to focus on geocoins right now. But I will have a few different coins to trade at MWGB so I can "re-stock". Right now I have about 20 that have holes drilled in them ready to release, I hope to get that done on my trip. Thanks for helping out with my "gas fund" :D

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