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"Nationwide" or Trans provincial caches?


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I, like many other Cape cachers, have been involved in helping other international cachers with a cache called Magnificent journey, a "global" cache which can be done with help from cachers in other countries. I have also seen caches in the states where you can only do the final if you have visited all the counties of a particular state, finding any cache in that county (proving you have done it is the ticket to finding the final cache).

I was wondering if there are any Nationwide caches in South Africa? Any multi's with a cache in each of the provinces?

If there are none, (or even just one or two), I was wanting to know if anybody wants to set one up?

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Have a look at:




Tonteldoos in Forum


I'm sure others might know of more.


Happy caching

Had a look at Tonteldoos. Did start reading thread a while ago but obviously missed the developments. What a great cache. That is exactly what I was talking about! Was not really sure how finding the final would work. Do you have to find all the caches?.....by Easter 2009?....what happens after that?....will the cache still be available as a whole?...Can cachers cooperate and only do part of the cache, but still go on to the final? (sorry but don't really have time to read whole thread and description didn't answer all).


I was thinking of a cache that took you to the "best" attractions SA had to offer or Iconic South African attractions...Kruger Park, Table Mountain, Tugela Falls, Drakensburg, etc with one in each province (maybe), that one could do over a few years, gathering the clues slowly before going on to the final.

Like the magnificent journey it may be fun to set one up where you enlist help from other cachers not only in setting it up, but for the cachers wanting trying to find it. Others collect the clues for you and perhaps even the final cache!


Anyone keen to set one up?

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You got it! In the TD Series anything goes as long as you collect the 18 clues around the country. How you do it is up to you - as will be how you share the prize at the end as well. :laughing: If you have a look at the caches placed so far you will see that this is quite a phenominal series that Tusk O'2 has started. Even if you do not visit them all for the clues, just visiting the ones in your particular area will be well worth the effort. I have personally visited 3 so far and placed 1 of the 18. The ones I have visited have been incredible and the ones I have read about seem even better!


Good luck and happy caching.

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