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Introducing our 2008 personal!

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We were initially going to announce these coins at GW6, but since we weren't able to make it, we'll announce them now. :ph34r:


Quite a few years back my little brother and I (KW) drew up different variations to the nerd candies. This is what we came up with.




"Spike" has sort of been a mascot in our home so we decided to use him as a basis for our design.


Coin specs:

Designed by: BRoKeN W and Jamie from MadHattersNeverland

Minted by: Dorkfish coins

Size: 1.75 inches tall, 1.87 inches wide (at the widest point)

Thickness: 2mm

Shaped: Yes

Variations: 3

Trackable: NO

Numbered: Yes and No

Variation 1 (KW's): Purple hard enamel, red translucent, glow #1

Metal 1: Black Nickel

Qty: 125

Not trackable. Numbered 001-125

Variation 2 (RW's): Red hard enamel, yellow translucent, glow #1

Metal 2: Black Nickel

Qty: 125

Not trackable. Numbered 001-125

Variation 3: This will be left as a surprise until someone gets one in the mail.

Qty: 50

Not trackable, not numbered.


Total Qty: 300

Coins are subject to a remint (most unlikely, but just in case...) in a different color/metal variation. No less and no more than 125 of each variation would be minted.


These coins are TRADE ONLY (Unless we gift them or drop them in caches).

We ask that anyone who receives our coins to please not sell them. If you need to, then please contact us first so we can work something out to get them back.


(Still haven't got around to taking pics, so I'll just post the ones the mint sent us).



As of right now, we ask that if you want to work out a trade (PM or e-mail), please be patient. With the increased rate in postage as well as gas prices, we cannot do more than a handful of trades each month. Thanks.


P.S. If you're lucky, you might just get one of the cute 1" matching pins.

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I'm new to the whole geocoin part of the community, but at the end of the summer we're headed to Brasil (from the US)... I'd love to have one of these guys with us. I could work a trade (very small collection so far), etc.


Very nice!! - Sav

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I dont wanna trade. And that will help with the cost problem, because I want to buy one. Very cool coin.


Thanks, but because these coins are not trackable on geocaching.com (and I want them to be strictly a trade-only coin) they cannot be sold.


To everyone else: Thanks! Glad you like them. I have received all e-mails that have been sent so far. I promise I will respond to them. I'm dealing with a bad head cold right now, so it's hard for me to even think straight :ph34r:

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:anibad: I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to say how absolutely special I feel to have received a pair of Spikes in my Souvenir Mission from you. They are sooooooooooooo awesome!!! My jaw dropped when I opened the box and found them. Thank you very, very much!!!!




Get well soon!! Not a nice time to have a head cold.

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Just an update.. I'll be responding to the e-mails later tonight (or sometime tomorrow afternoon). I need to wait for RW to help me look through the trade offers. Once he gets home from work and once VegasGamblers has decided they've had enough of Mtn. Home :D , we'll respond.

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Looks like the surprize coins are still a surprize! :blink: I was certainly surprized today when I finally got my mail after 2 weeks! (its tough livin 50 miles from home and knowin you got goodies just waitin fer ya) :wub:


I thought, hmmmm...what can this be???? :blink: When I opened it up, I was so "suprized" :blink: Then saddened at the same time~

It was a Thank You coin for the donations made a few months back for the little Dustin McClure boy who had choked on a toy which in turn caused extensive damage to his brain to the point at which it no longer functioned :o ...Boy how I remember this as it was just days prior to little Emeralds birth. :o ...VERY SAD.

Dont mean to bring sadness to a happy topic, but I think its important that we all know exactly how special this special coin really is. Not that it brings a sad subject back to mind, but more so that it reflects on the importance and the actual Community we have here. Dustins Mom was a single mom and as if a tragedy of the sort wasnt enough, the finacial impact made it all the worse. We came together once again as we have done before and made a difference, whether the worst case scenario that had happened or not...unfortunatley, this time it was.


It is such a special coin to me and I thank you very much...It is a coin that I can remember the special community we really do have here and how we can come together and make a difference, even if it may be a small one.


I will post a pic of my special "thank you" coin when I return home...Thank you kelly!


And to think...I couldnt even see your coin here, just IPB image when I tried to see it before...Now I know the background of the design too, I just love it even more!...OH and the matching Pin :D ...Thats a BIG Grin :D


How Special!!! B)

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