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Lets go through the keyhole and ask "Who lives in a house like this?"

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Looks like a chiff chaff nest to me. Not enough moss in there to be a wren.

Mmmm, wondered about the lack of moss. Didn't realise Chiff-Chaff's nested in this way - something else learnt through caching!




Oh, I think Harvest Mice nest closer to the ground, usually amongst stalks..........

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It does look like a wren, but be advised... the male wren builds the nest and in fact builds several. The female will select one to lay in. It may be a nest that is not used but the male will continue to court other females..... in fact at the end of the nesting he can become quite several knackered providing for his many spouses and offspring!


Chiff chaffs and willow warblers build much nearer the ground.



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