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How often do geocachers come across the same travel slug?


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I found a travel slug on a trip to New Mexico on March 2, 2008, brought it to Nevada and placed it in a cache on March 16. I just retrieved from a different cache (the travel slug had not yet been listed as having been placed in that cache, so I wasn't specifically going after it and didn't know it was there...) tonight, May 25 ! What are the odds? Does that happen very often? Are there any statistics on multiple retrievals of the same geocoin or travel slug?

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Yep it certainly happens, doesn't bother me as much as a geocoin/tb revisiting the same cache more than once. Gets picked up from Cache A and taken to Cache B, not long latter gets picked up from Cache B and taken back to Cache A. Yes I have seen this happen at least twice.

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There was one bug that moved around the local area one summer. Although I only logged it the first time I saw it in 3 or 4 different caches over a period of months. I also logged another bug here in Ohio that I saw again when I was in Florida many months later. It reminds you that the world can be a really small place.

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It's happened to me a number of times. In fact, last year I freed a coin that had been stuck in a cache for almost two years. I set it free in Alameda CA and just a few months later, I spot it again but in Salt Lake City Ut. I've been caching now for over a year and have found over 400 trackables. It's kind of hard to remember if that Red Jeep or the U4D TB is the same one you found a few months ago.

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three years ago i gave a TB to my (then) domestic partner as a gift. it was a tag with no item attached; very plain. a few weeks ago the blasted thing showed up in a cache i was at and i picked it up having no idea what it was! it had been to germany and back in the interim. don't ask me how it got back here.

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Well, I dropped off two travel bugs hundreds of miles from each other...one in Colorado (I give it to my brother to drop off) and one in Kansas. One moved around for awhile and one sat idle for awhile.


Recently I checked on the bugs that had been in my possession. Those two traveled independent paths and ended up in the SAME CACHE!!!



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Whenever I pick up a TB, I try not to release it in the same city. For one, there aren't many cities here in Kansas with an enormous number of caches, save for KC and Wichita - although Salina is getting a slug of them (ha). Since TB owners typically enjoy seeing their bugs travel distances, I don't consider 5 miles across town to be worth of satisfaction. Since I travel with my job, this is very easy for me to do. I seldom have to hold on to a bug for more than a couple weeks before I can leave it in another town. I think by doing this, it probably minimizes the chance that I will see the same TB again.

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