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Geocaching recipes - what's yours?

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A couple of recipe posts on the Nettles thread has inspired me to start another thread sharing country recipes we could gather whilst out caching, especially as now is the perfect time for harvesting some ingredients.


To start the ball rolling one of my favourites for a quick non-alcoholic (well almost) summer drink that's available now and only takes 5 days to make is Elderflower Cordial . It's a great refreshing drink to take caching with you on a hot day and the kids can even make it if supervised:


- without stalks

2 lemons - sliced very thinly

4 lbs (I'm old fashioned - use 2 bags in the UK) granulated sugar

3 pints boiling water

2.5 tea spoons citric acid

Campden tablet - get from brewing shop/larger chemist

1. Mix all ingredients except the last together in a clean bucket and pour on boiling water.

2. Cover with tea towel and stir well every day

3. After 5 days strain through a muslin bag or 'er indoors old tights - preferably clean and without her in them!

4. Add crushed Campden tablet and stir well.

5. Bottle and enjoy - dilute to taste, about half what you'd use for orange squash.


Now what's your recipe?

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