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Ever want to explore Oak Island?

The Lost Geeks

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This may be your chance to learn some of the history and theories about the treasure.


Oak Island is home to one of the great stories of treasure and mystery!


The island is privately owned and is not opened to the general public...... BUT!!!!


There is going to be an event coming up soon in which you could win a walking tour around the island. The opportunity for the general public to see the island is available for two day's only out of the year!


Watch for more details on the upcoming Geocaching event!!! (and try to keep the end of June opened)

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I'd personally love to be able to travel around Oak Island... but I'm not sure if I would regret it or not. I feel that the mystery of it is for all intents and purposes dead.


The legacy of it should remain in story form forever, but the vast tons of construction and excavation that have gone on there has basically obliterated the mysteriousness. The original "tree" that the pit was near has long since disappeared, and anything even remotely close to the pit has been excavated numerous times. At present time, noone actually even knows where the pit WAS any more.


Wikipedia source of the history and excavation attempts on Oak Island.


So yeah... I'm not sure if I would regret going, since I've loved reading about the initial discovery/etc... but actually seeing a flat, excavated-a-million-times expanse of land in which noone even knows where the pit is... I think it'd kinda ruin it for me.

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