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Geocoin troubles

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I grabbed a geocoin from Key West in April and have just dropped it off in a cache near my home in Massachusetts.


When I dropped it off I forgot to note the number/code on the coin but figured I'd be able to find that in my account because I logged that I had taken it from Key West.


I was wrong. SO I went back to the cache today, grabbed the coin, wrote down the code, then put the coin back.


But even with the code that's on the coin I've been unable to log it in or track it or anything. AND my regular cache log doesn't give me an option to say that I dropped off a trackable item in that cache.


Also, the owner of the coin put a slightly angry note on the cache from which I got the coin in Key West asking whomever took it to not be a ninny and to drop it off soon.


Is there a logging issue right now with trackable items?


Because I have a regular account and not a premium, is that why I can't log a trackable when I log a cache?


What can I do (I've sent an email to the owner four days ago but have heard nothing from him)?





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Thanks for your help. Have been trying to pick up and add the coin. I have the right code (went back to the cache and got that off the coin today), but I get an error on the Track page.


This is probably part of the reason so many bugs and coins go missing. They can't be logged in.


BTW, when I went to the Geocoin page, there is no spot to enter a coin code. There is also no coin listed on the map for Key West. And finally, when I go back to Magic of the Music, I can edit my visit but am unable to see a coin and check it out.


Thanks again. I'll try this again when I'm not so OMIGOD FRUSTRATED.



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