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GSAK wont talk to Colorado 300

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OK folks, thanks for your help on past issues - Got another one now....


I can't get GSAK to talk to my Garmin Colorao 300. Got the USB box in setup check, and defined the Colorado 300. Have tried all 4 options of Interface in Setup in the Colorado. Error message in GSAK says it"cannot init a USB connection", or something like that. No use trying to learn any more GSAK tricks if I cant get it and Colorado to talk. In the meantime, I'm entering caches one at a time with "sent to GPS" option.


TIF for any suggestions.

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In a nutshell, the Colorado differentiates between waypoints and geocaches. If you want to see hints, description, logs, etc on the Colorado, you have to export a GPX file from GSAK (File menu > export GPX/loc file) and put it in the GPX folder (inside the Garmin folder) on the unit. The macro linked to above can automate this for you. If you send caches to the Colorado as waypoints, they will lack a description and will all have the generic beige cache icon.


edit to add a screenshot. Notice the difference between the beige cache icon (a waypoint) and the green ones (properly loaded as a GPX file).



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