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One set of maps for 2 Garmin gps units?

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I have a older i5 for the car and I'm considering purchasing a Colorado 300. Can I purchase 1 set of maps on SD for use in both units? (I can move the SD card between the units when necessary).


The maps do come on miniSD with a full size adapter so they will physically fit in both units but I'm wondering if there is a licensing issue? Does Garmin allow this? Will it work? Do the maps on SD require unlocking for a specific unit?


Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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It is my understanding that the maps on the cards can be moved from one GPS unit to another, however someone else will have to verify if that will work for the units you have mentioned.


Usually, getting the maps on DVD is more practical since people like to use the maps on their computers for planning trips.

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