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eTrex Legend Hcx at Best Buy

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I've been looking around comparing prices on the Legend, and most places I can find it for about 200 ~ 250. I went to look at best buy because we have a 15% percent off coupon and their website says that it's $380! Does anyone know why it is so high? Does it come with a map or something that makes it more expensive?

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All of their units seem to be running a bit high. Stores are sometimes locked into purchasing arrangements with certain dealers/suppliers and can't offer items at a competitive price.


(I say that having been a retail store department manager for 7 years in the past. Once I was locked into an agreement to buy film at such a high price I had no choice except to sell it for 2 cents over the price I paid for it---and that was just the same price as my competitors. When we ran sales on film, my department lost money on every sale).


Another possibility is they don't really want to carry GPS units, but do so as a favor to their customers. If the customer is willing to pay more for convenience, they do stock a few units.


I just looked at their site. The 60 CSx is about $100 more than other places, the regular Legend is at least $50. Apparently, they aren't a good place to buy a GPS right now, for whatever reason. Do they do any sort of price matching?

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