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I am not really sure how this works. When I find something I am supposed to add my name to the log? Also what kind of things are located in the cash? Can I add to them or not? Please explain how this works.

Hi there I am totally new. There is a great page that describes what you are suppose to do on the geocaching website.

Yes do add your name to the log in the cache and online.

There is a wide variety of things we have found in caches so far. toys. cash. beautiful beads. keychains. Travel bugs.

The rule is if you take something put something back.

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There is a logbook in the cache. You're supposed to sign that. The cache will often contain trinkets. If you like you can trade trinkets (it's not mandatory). The kind of things might find in a cache include coins, small toys, cheap jewelery, usually just junk.


Once you've found it you can come to this website and record your find (or didn't find) so the owner receives notification of the find. That's it.

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