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How do you determine if a cache needs maintenance?

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I know for a fact one of the ones I logged needed maintence and I logged it as such. (muggled, stuff on the ground, no log book)


But there is another one I am wondering if I need to log or if I should just leave it alone and keep searching.


The last three people have not found it. The rocks are scattered all over and you can tell that people have been seriously searching.

What would you do in a case like this? Just mark it as not found but keep going back to search? Or what?


What makes you write a maintenance log?

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We would only log a needs maintenance if we had actually personally observed for ourselves that the cache is in need. Well, truth be told - we very seldom log a needs maintenance, because usually we just carry out the maintenance anyway (sharpen/replace pencils, dry out/clean containers, add new log books, plastic bags etc ....... ) especially for cachers that we know - they would mostly do the same for us around here. And if we do find a cache in need that we can't fix, we would be more likely to email the cacher personally. Just what we do though.



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Well you can't make a rule that fits all.

Is it a cache that gets regular dnfs?

How often is it found?

Did the other people give reason for not finding eg raining so didn't look long or didn't have clue or was it they hunted for ages.

How many caches has the person hid if they have lots they could be getting lots of logs and may only notice if a maintance needed is logged.

On the other hand if they have not many they should notice the cache needs checking from just the dnfs.


So it depends on lots of things. If I can do the maintance I do same as Annie mentioned but thats just how I do it and I know the other locals would do the same for me.

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So I could have added a log book to the one that was muggled. That is good to know and another thing to add to my shopping list lol

Only if you know you have found the cache, sometimes I just add extra paper not a whole log book depends on why it needs replacing and where I am.

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