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Blue Ridge Parkway

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Hello all,


Next month my family and I are driving from Ohio to Hilton Head SC. We're basically driving from Ohio to HH along I-77 but on our way back I would like to take a different route home. I thought that since the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses our route that maybe that would be a cool diversion as we head home. Does anyone know if any particular section of the parkway is more scenic or better to travel than another part? I want to hit some geocaches that may be along the route but I also collect the passport stamps from the National Park Service so I wouldn't mind stopping at some of the historic sites and visitor centers that are scattered along the way.


Overall, we probably wont do a lot of hiking unless they are short hikes since we are working our way home but if it's worthy of the time the a hike or two would be fine. I wish I had time to drive the entire thing but I need to 8take on just a section of it for now, maybe 100 to 125 miles of it would work out.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Not sure of the what caches are in that area but I have been along the Parkway and that in it's self is a beautiful journey to take. As far as historical, you really need to take the time to see the Lurray Caverns while in the area. My parents took me there on a family vacation once as a kid and I returned last Oct with my daughter and granddaughter. The memories it brought back and the news ones I now have of course will last a lifetime. During your guided tour through the caverns I can promise you this...you'll not only be amazed but be thinking the whole time, wow that would make a great place to hide a cache!!!! :)

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I think I was at Lurray Caverns probably about 30 years ago. My family went on vacation and I think that was one of our stops.


I know there is supposed to be a concrete lookout somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's supposed to be either a virtual or Earth cache. Sometime this weekend I want to put together a route along the parkway and see what caches lie along it.


Thanks for reminding me about the caverns!

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I would pick the BRP over the interstate any day, but since the parkway is NPS land, caching opportunities are limited to the occasional virtual or earthcache unless you don't mind wandering away from the road. I highly recommend the stretch between the NC state line and Asheville (then to I-26), although it may go out of your way. Most of the southern end of that stretch is high elevation, with some amazing views.

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