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Lost and Found: Dog and Geocaching

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This was posted at a cache 7 miles up a dirt road on top of South Fork Mountain, above a superfund site, Iron Mountain Mine. The road will be closed to motorized vehicles. It may be the last post by a cacher not traveling by mountain bike. I thought this story would make you smile. MtnMike


5inCalif4Geo found Iron Mountain Mined


Log Date: 5/18/2008

Had to do our last cache in the series B4 the road closed. Glad we did as we ended up rescuing a lost dog. Saw it sitting near the side of the road on the drive up and later on our way back (would've gone a different route home but low on gas). We started to drive by again, but the passengers convinced driver to back up and help the friendly looking dog with a collar. Too skittish to come to us, but looked somewhat wobbly = weak and thirsty from the record breaking 100 plus heat. We put out what we could for it to eat and reported it lost down below at the visitor center. Once home one us immediately googled "Lost Dog Whiskeytown area" and craigslist came up. Called the owner who said dog was missing for over a week and fortunately lived nearby. "Joe" drove up and called us within the hour to say his now skinny dog was back home to fatten up. Isn't geocaching marvelous! Who knows when this dog might've been rescued if we hadn't decided to geocache?


Visit this log entry at the below address:


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