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Help get geocaching at my school!

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Hello everyone,


As a Spanish teacher at a local high school, I'm looking at ways to enhance my classroom time, and I think geocaching would be a great addition. (I don't think y'all would disagree!) I told one of my friends about geocaching, and she immediately went to work on incorporating it at her school in another part of the state. Her efforts there have caught the public's eye, and she has made several presentations about geocaching and education, she has gotten $1,500 in grant money for GPSs and other things, and she even won Teacher of the Year, and I'm sure that her efforts with geocaching helped her in that regard.


That being said, I have just written a grant proposal through Donors Choose, which is a place where anyone can donate to educational grants. You can search to find schools in a certain area, you can do a keyword search if you're wanting to donate for a certain item, and much more. The site will show you some information about the school, most notably how much of the school is low-income. My high school is 30% low-income.


My grant proposal can be viewed here: http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/proposal.html?id=181445. As you can see, I am only asking for 3 Magellan eXplorist 100s, as we will only be using the GPSs on campus for right now. (Later, I plan on starting a geocaching club that will do things off-campus, but I'll need some time implementing the GPSs within my classroom first!) As you might can tell, the $500 total seems high, but there are other expenses besides just the 3 GPSs, such as paying DC.org staff, providing a camera for me to take pictures and send out as thank you notes, etc.


If you would be willing to donate to this grant, my students and I would greatly appreciate it. Each donation is tax-deductible, of course. I'm asking you, as the geocaching community, because I know you have experienced first-hand the joys of geocaching, and I hope you'll trust that I will use your money in a way that will enrich many students' educations (and, by extension, their lives)!


If you have other GPSs that you'd be willing to donate, I would welcome those, too. I'm really excited about the possibility of providing these opportunities to my students. Feel free to pass this word along to other people, too. I'm looking for all the support I can get.


Thanks for your time and your generosity!




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we just got back from a great home schooling conference and we came upon this neat looking curriculum using GPS with teaching, home school and any setting really. just want to share the web site for this: 'Educaching'

Educaching. This was developed by a teacher/geocacher.

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