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Geocache research project, looking for participants.

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I'm a current masters student at Royal Holloway University doing a course in Cultural Geography. As part my degree I am planning on carrying out some research on geocaching for a dissertation I am writing.


The project has only just started, but it's overall aims are to explore the ways different places and spaces get used by people whilst out geocaching.


To do this I'd like to interview a wide range of active geocachers, from seasoned veterans to those new to the sport, preferably whilst out finding or hiding some geocaches.


If this sounds like the sort of thing you would be interested in, or if you would like to know more about the project or tell me your ideas and thoughts you can reply to this thread or email me at [personal contact details removed] . I live in the north london area, but would be willing to travel around the UK.


Thanks for you time,


Michael Anton

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A very similar project was run about a year + ago, sorry I can't remember who or why, just that I took part - it's my age! :laughing:. Can anyone else who took part remember so we can point Micale in thst direction for som hints and tips?


It might have been a student working for Hewlett Packard?

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This type of topic requires the permission of Groundspeak, as such I'm closing it. But will happily open it again if permission is obtained off Groundspeak using contact@geocaching.com.


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