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Sara's Campground Presque Isle


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I've passed it several times. We were going to stay there but you don't make reservations-if I remember right it was first come first serve. we were going to take a girl scout troop there and pay with a troop check-they only accept cash and travelers checks. believe it's a private campground. if I remember right they allowed pets. Haven't driven through it to know if it's nice. It's def. in a nice area of Erie. You'd be very near Waldameer/Water World Park (which has a brand new roller coaster) and Presque Isle. Both great places to visit. There's a very nearby earthcache at Tom Ridge Enviro. Center. If you gamble-you're not far from a casino. As far as caching lots of great caches around the Isle for hiking (be prepared for ticks though). The city of Erie will keep you busy caching for months if you like urban hides. If you stay there-let us know what you thought! checked their website real quick-the pictures look nice.

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I camped there around 1980, and remember it as being nice :laughing:


It's definitely a good location, since you're right at the base of Presque Isle, with lots of fun stuff to do nearby. I pass it somewhat frequently, and would think it is still a nice place to camp.

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We are thinking of going in a few weeks. We have done some caches at Presque Isle and we love Waldemere and camping. We thought that Sara's might be a good location to stay at so we could spend more time at the park and do some more caches.


I figured I would ask locals since you never know about a spot. It might seem nice and have good advertising; but when you get there it is another story. So far everyone has good things to say.


Thank you for the information! :laughing:

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We drove through it last summer because we would consider staying there and wanted to check it out. I would echo bogleman's comments exactly. It has lots of nice attractions close, but it didn't look like my idea of a fun camping experience.


Tent camping was right on the beach. Of course, that's convenient to the beach, but I can't imagine the amount of sand that you'd have in your tent and there were no trees, etc. to offer protection that I could see. You are at the mercy of the wind and other elements coming directly off Lake Erie. Everything in the tent and RV area seemed really crammed together and you are practically on top of your neighbor's tent.


Just my heavily-opinionated two cents.

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I saw that there would be beach spots but no trees! Yikes. I used to live next to the lake and the winds that come off of there could be brutal. I would hate to come back to the site and see our tent trashed or wake up with the Lake in our tent. :grin:


I didn't realize in the "forest" area that the RV's are right on you. Hmmm... we may need to rethink our plans and look for another campground.

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