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Wherigo competitor

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Did anyone see this weeks Click program on the BBC?

The webspace article featured something that sounds remarkably like Wherigo - Mediascapes

Comments anyone?

I didn't see the BBC program, but have looked at the web site.


As anyone reading the Wherigo forums will realise, my experience with Wherigo has been (much) less than positive. I love the idea, but it's by far the flakiest piece of software I have ever used. To be fair, it is gradually getting better, but it should never have been released in the state it was. I'm also concerned about the way the cartridges are branded and the possibility (liklihood?) that this will turn into a chargeable system.


The galling part is that, as a programmer myself, and one who has been programming GPS applications for nearly 20 years, this looks a pretty straightforward task. I have been considering whether I should produce my own equivalent and guarantee both the code and data will remain open. Problem is that I have no marketing clout, and there would be no Groundspeak listed cache at the end of it.


I had a look at the mscape offering, and apart from finding out that it belongs to HP I have been unable to ascertain if that is likely to be as proprietary as Wherigo.


Rgds, Andy

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Well I've tried to get some guidance here but it looks doubtful if Groundspeak would allow anyone to base a geocache on this idea. Shame really considering how much they are extolling the virtue of the general concept. Seems we are tied in to a single implementation of the idea.

That is what I expected. Have you tried mscape yet? How does it compare to Wherigo in stability and features?


Rgds, Andy

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