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Colorado 300: Compass page & geocaches?

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My new Colorado 300 is pretty sweet but it's a lot harder to use than my trusty old eTrex H. I can't figure out how to use the compass page to locate a geocache--as in, the way it does on the eTrex. The geocache page is useful only to a point. I'd like the compass page to show me how many feet to go to the geocache. Anyone know how?



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You can also press the down button on the R-N-R, this will bring up the map view with the compass superimposed on the top. Now press the "enter" button on the R-N-R and you will have a full sized compass page. From here you can still use the left soft button to see the information and to log the cache. Pressing the Back soft key will get you back to the map page. If you press the down button twice from the geocache map page you will get another view.


Good luck. I am still trying to figure out how to use my Colorado 300 too.



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Tamaral1, that worked like a charm. Thank you for the help. Sorry for the delayed gratitude.

In the picture isn't the Dist to Next of 4.58 miles or whatever it says what you think you are missing? But I like the press down on the RnR method much more--just never tried it...because I haven't done a geocache with the CO yet. Oh, I'll bet the miles readout doesn't change to feet when less then a mile but reads a decimal mile equivalent. Sorry

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