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Anyone up for the Oficial Mega Event TB Race

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Do you have to attend the mega event to take part?

I don't think so - but your TB has to start from the Mega Event, so you would have to buy your TB tag, get it ready to be released, then get someone who is attending to drop it up there for you. (We will, if you want :rolleyes: ) Or ask Munkeh to do it for you (he'll do anything for a banana).



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currently 16 registered bugs plus another 5 if everyone in this thread who have expressed an interest but not yet registered joined up, still room for loads more


I would prefer people to register bugs before the event by either using the form on the webpage or sending me a link to the bug you are going to use, although you should be able to register on the day

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Would there be a problem if our racer was attached to a Nomad Geocoin (like the ukgeocachers Trakabulldog Geocoins) instead of a conventional Travel Bug tag? Then, hopefully, it can fly the UK flag around the world.




no that would be fine, as long as it starts from the event and starts at 0, you would have to swap or leave it at the geotees stall

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