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Would this work? (a nickel question...)

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i have a thought on how pocket queries are processed.... there's a good chance

it'd save a bunch of machine time, and save users a ton of time with multiple

queries to cover a specific geographic area.....


right now, i have a number of PQ's set up, to pull down a variety of geographic areas, as my

location changes a lot, and i'm never sure where i'm gonna be when i might have spare time

for geocaching.... all of those queries could be dispensed with, if i were able to just download

an entire state's caches, and drop it into GSAK.


then it'd be a simple process to sort, filter, and dump the 2,000 nearest points to my colorado,

based on whatever zip code i'm gonna be near that day....


i understand it's a lot of data, and possibly would cause a bunch of bounced emails from

large file attachments, so a simpler solution would be if the PQ machine would just run

a query at a low demand time, say 1 AM, and dump the updated state lists to a ftp that

could be accessed by a web page... the people who would like it that way could go to a

link and grab their whole state's data, whenever they wanted, the amount of pocket queries

would diminish greatly, and the people who like doing it the way it is being done would

be unaffected.


what this amounts to is one query per state per day, posted to a web page on geocaching.com,

that could be grabbed by any premium member, when they wanted to update their GSAK, or

whatever software they are using. then it's a simple matter to filter the data, and sort it

based on where you are at in the state, and GSAK will dump the closest 2000 sites to the GPS,

and off you go.... peeking under bushes.


anyway, that's my nickel's worth of thought..... what do you guys think?



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