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Have I done the right thing?

Sussex Leprechauns
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It sounds like the Colonel is attracted by dragons. Any cache having to do with dragon eggs, dragon nests, dragon mating rituals is bound to bring the Englishman. Lovely and ingeniously novel concept.


well, then, let's make a dragon's cache! right here in the middle of the mojave desert. have to come up with a good story. perhaps the colonel will let me buy him a cuppa tea. droo, you are invited too!



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Just got back from maintenance on our Last Welsh Dragon cache after the recent DNF secretly hoping to find one of these dragon coins - no such luck ;) But as Merlin’s Hill cache was born from our cache we hope to head out sometime soon to check for signs at the other ’egg cache - Castell Allt-goch’ that was also born from our Last Welsh Dragon Cache. After all there was no log of found/DNF at Merlin’s so who knows!

After searching gc.com for the coin I see there is only one other that now belongs to the Sussex Leprechauns also a very bazaar story attached to that, what’s going on? :unsure: Thought it may have been a wind up especially after reading some of the logs in here but after reading the Colonels log on our cache page it all seems totally genuine. I gather Satellite Kid works for a printing company in Carmarthen which is not that far away from our cache and those said 'tomes and bindings' in the cache log all fit in, spooky or what! Ok so we have clocked up a couple of DNF on our way too, so if the good Colonel reads this - good luck on your next find. Must admit makes me feel human to know that I’m not the only one looses things while out caching, although its pens with me and not coins. :)

Mrs Twm

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Kewl coin...but a little freaky I must say...It is rather bizarre if not down right scary that this guy knows where you work. :grin:


your right, that would be scarey...didnt think of it like that. Although I think it was just a coincidence as our printshop is the closest to Merlin's Hill where the coin was. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time luckily.

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Ahh the game is afoot :grin: COngrats on the find. Your photo is much better - I'd like to ues it here: if I may and wouldlovetoseea good one of the back. I will collect up all the links to the logs on the coin's page as well.


feel free....good idea to put all the links together...I'll be interested to see where he goes next and read his logs...they're pretty cool. I just read the other DNF he had....excellent stuff :-)


Hope he didnt mind me activating his coin now I come to think of it!!!?? Well, he hasnt sent me a nasty email yet so I guess I'm safe...although he does now know where I work!!! :huh:

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That is such a gorgeous coin! Interesting profile the Colonel has. :blink: Too bad I was on the wrong continent. On our last run we found a cache called Dragon Run. Didn't find a coin or scorched grass around. :blink:


Maybe the scorched grass you found was where he dropped his torch!

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This was just posted on the Australian Trackables Forum...


How stunning is this coin??? I have never seen it before.....does anyone know what it is?


About a week ago, I found an unactivated geocoin near one of my caches. I don't know how long it's been sitting there, as it was under a grotty old piece of burnt cloth. Oddly enough it features a red dragon, which is the title of the cache - that seems like too much of a coincidence, which makes me wonder what's up.


I did a bit of a search, but can't find the source of these coins. Can anyone shed any light? Here are some images, although they don't really do it justice...




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