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Coverting a Gpolyline to a Route for my Garmin

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I got some Gpolyline (Google Maps) code from a web site that has some ATV trails for a specific area. I am trying to take the points that are in Lat and Long and get them in my GPS.


I see alot of methods for going the opposite way, just not what i want as written above.


Link to URL where i am pulling the code is:


Oconto County ATV Trails


Example of code is:


// Begin Trail Route Pestigo Brook Fire Lane South to Old 64

var polyline = new GPolyline([

new GLatLng(45.1723, -88.2149),

new GLatLng(45.1707, -88.2181),

new GLatLng(45.1705, -88.2183),

new GLatLng(45.1700, -88.2199),

new GLatLng(45.1699, -88.2203),

new GLatLng(45.1686, -88.2209),

new GLatLng(45.1670, -88.2212),

new GLatLng(45.1666, -88.2218),

new GLatLng(45.1660, -88.2235),

new GLatLng(45.1648, -88.2239),

new GLatLng(45.1631, -88.2252),

new GLatLng(45.1594, -88.2272),

new GLatLng(45.1575, -88.2286),

new GLatLng(45.1566, -88.2295),

new GLatLng(45.1519, -88.2369),

new GLatLng(45.1500, -88.2396),

new GLatLng(45.1367, -88.2507)

], "#FF0000", 5);


//End Trail




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What you have isn't a GPolyline; it's Javascript code that creates a GPolyline. It's not like GPSBabel has a Javascript interpreter and an implementation of Google Maps inside it. I don't think GPSVisualizer does, either.


For low volume conversions (e.g., something you can do in a text editor) just edit away everything that isn't a lat/lon pair and feed it to either of the above as just CSV.


If you're converting a few million of these and *want* GPSBabel to understand these, come my way for a quote.

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