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New USB "GPS Stick"

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Just saw this at Sparkfun.com, it's the "GPS Stick" (available elsewhere, too). It looks like a USB thumbdrive, but is a GPS receiver and serial comm. module, sends std NMEA strings to the USB port. Cost is about $80.00. Mfr is "Hercegov" but I can't find out much more than this:


(specs from rvfunproducts.com)

Receiver Type 54 parallel channels, L1 C/A code

Accuracy Position 5m CEP

Velocity 0.1m/sec

Startup Time (average)

< 1sec hot start

< 30sec cold start

Signal Reacquisition 1s

Sensitivity -145dBm acquisition

-159dBm tracking

Update Rate 1Hz standard

Dynamics 4G (39.2m/sec2)

Operational Limits Altitude < 18,000m or velocity < 515m/s

(COCOM limit, either may be exceeded but not both)

Protocol NMEA-0183 V3.01


9600 baud, 8, N, 1

Datum Default WGS-84, User definable

Input Voltage 3.8~8V DC

Power Consumption < 42mA (1Hz standard version)

Dimension 73.5mm L x 27mm W x 10mm H

Weight: 18g (Including Battery)

Operating Temperature -40oC ~ +85oC

Humidity 5% ~ 95%


Can't figure out who the chipset mfr is - Hercegov? Might be fun to play with...

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