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The Wishing Coin...'Tis a mystery for sure...


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Yes, please let me know if this is a mystery coin, and I will edit the title.


If not, it belongs in the "What Was In Your Mailbox Today" thread.


Thank you.



I am glad to see that my coin is being well-received. Both recent recipients are very deserving. ;)


And Eartha, yes this is a new Mystery Coin, so be on the lookout for more of them. And I look forward to reading all the stories :huh:

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Hey Jodi, congrads on receiving the wishing coin. You deserve receiving one of them coins. Congrads to the Mystery Wishing coiner for designing a outstanding coin. We are very excited about reading of more stories by people that get this beautiful coin. Congrads to all the people who receive this coin.


Barry and Val/sweetlife

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Congrats Naomi and Team Fireboy! I love seeing derserving people get something so special and I love to see people spreading some sunshine.


Congrats The Wishing Coin on one awesome coin! It's very beautifuly done!! Usually pics don't do a coin justice. The pic is stunning so I cannot wait to see one in person!



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Congratulations Naomi and Fireboy! Such well deserving recipients. It's a beautiful coin too! Bella just recently learned about wishing wells, there's a koi pond at the Chinese Restaurant we visit and she now wants to drop pennies in it. They are not very big koi, but the park we take her to has Koi that are at least 2-3 feet long, they are HUGE!

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Congrats to you too Fireboy!


My friends had a large Koi pond when they were little...The koi were so big and they would eat when you tossed the food in...very cool.

Ialso remember swimming in that koi pond...it was so deeep- we would try to reach the bottom, but it got so dark and cold down there- Got all freaked out, but I think I made it!


Last I heard there was koi still in there, but when the property sold, people came along and snagged abunch of em, I believe they sold em!!! ;)


Very nice Koi-N, Hope we see one in these parts! :huh:

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Hi Naomi.

That's one beautiful coin there! I don't know if this will help or not but.... my Wife started as a "Service Councilor" for a HUGE Auto Insurance Company last year (the one with the Lizard) and believe me, you want to hear about some NIGHTMARE calls and Customers, you should hear some of hers!! Anyway, for a while there she was coming home STRESSED OUT and wondering weather it was worth it (she actually walked out of the place and got into her car to quit- 3 times).


She's been there over a year now and, even tho she still has those days ( claims they put her extension on the "Yell @ Me Gate") she handles it much better! They don't get to her anymore, or she learned to stop letting them, get to her! I think she was overwhelmed by the new job and just wasn't sure enough of herself or her knowledge of the job!


HANG IN THERE--It'll get better! ;):huh:


By the way-Did I tell you how NICE that coin is!!- Congratulations

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Wow, Naomi! That coin came to you on a not so perfect day. Isn't it amazing how we are all connected in some way, how the mystery coiner just knew you needed a pick me up? The universe is a mysterious place and when negative energy gets you down...just take a breath, release the negative and the positive will come flowing into you.

Great now i sound like a wingnut.

Keep that chin up Naomi!!!

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Congratulations on receiving such a beautiful coin, and just when you needed it most. Reading your story made me smile as I'm sure it did for many others here, so in a way your special coin is still giving. I agree with Lori Darlin that you should keep it with you, in your pocket or desk drawer for those times when your having one of tose days. What a wonderful gesture.

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Congrats Naomi what a great coin at a great time....I know how you are feeling being a cashier is not an easy job either ( the customers always right ) they think they are anyways lol...Some people just don't understand what it's like on the other side of the coin ;)


Congrats to you to Jodi


Both well deserved coins


Beautiful coin Wishing great job on bring smiles to faces that need them so much :huh:

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My day has been brightened by a "wishing coin" How on earth did the mystery coin find me? I think the coin world has little angel who whispers into ears of people telling them just the right time to mail a smile.


Mine is coin number 201. Since Naomi posted pictures I will not add.


I just want to thank the wishing coin person. Made me smile!!!!!!!




And a smile is what we like the see on your face ;) - another VERY deserving special person!

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Wow! That is one beautiful coin!!! Congrat on getting it Naomi. I hope your job turns out much better! I did quite a few customer service jobs myself. The very first one I had was doing customer service for a credit card. Talk about rough! I used to get yelled and cussed at about every day and that was right after I said hello:) I stayed at that job exactly 1 yr and I mean EXACTLY 1 Year to the day just so I could say I had a year's experience in customer service and then I moved on to other customer service jobs which were somewhat better. I don't know if you have ever heard that song "Take this job and shove it"? but I think I would get a copy of it and play it every day you come home after work. It might help relieve some of the stress even if you can't really say that to your boss but you can always pretend, lol.

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it`s a beautiful thought that the right people got the right coin on the right time

i`m happy that bouth of you NAOMI and JODI got the coin

thank you wishing fish for give the coin to these two people


CONGRATULED NAOMI AND JODI white the coin and my your wish come out

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it`s a beautiful thought that the right people got the right coin on the right time


Very well said lorca.nl, it is a beautiful thought !!


Thank you to The_Wishing_Coin for making a new mystery coin to give to wonderful people !!

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!


And JODI!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! I TRULY, TRULY AM!!!


Naomi *beaming from ear to ear*


PS... my wishing coin is sitting on my monitor right now, on the bottom lip of it, covering the "start" button on my screen.... so I can look at it as much as I want ;) (or need to, lol)

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Wow, couldn't make it to the computer yesterday (can barely make it this morning)....and I missed the announcement of a new MYSTERY COIN??? WOW!


Congrats to Naomi and Jodi, two very deserving people!! I hope this coin really brightens your days!! Fun stories for certain!!


THANK-YOU The Wishing Coin, I'm always amazed at the greatness of our community, it's so uplifting when we get to hear about someone's good fortune, really helps to cheer us up!! Nice coin!!!! Well done my friend, well done!!

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I have been out of town with only intermittent internet access (I went through withdrawal I think LOL) and today I found this thread. That is an absolutely gorgeous coin!!! Such a great message too.


There is a reason that many doctor's offices have fish tanks. Watching the fish tend to sooth the spirit and relieve the stresses. I am so happy for you Naomi that it came on such a day for you and could lift your spirits. Someone was watching over you.....


Congratulations to you too Jodi. Two most worthy recipients!!!

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