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I'm feeling generous tonight :)


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I'm sitting here smiling

with joy and glee,

after four years

I'm finally free.


The classes are done

and tests are complete,

no more studying til midnight

feeling dead on my feet.


This upcoming Saturday

slightly before the hour of 3,

I'll be crossing the stage

in my hand, my degree.


In order to win

you must follow the rules,

A green blemished turtle

to you rhyming fools.


It must be 8 lines

can be more but not less,

I'll give you the coins

for some of the best.


Do not edit you post

nor should you whine,

for if you moan and groan

the coins will stay mine.


I could give away one

but these turtles should thrive,

so I'm raising the number

and giving away five.


You may enter this cointest

but only two times,

give it your best shot

but make sure that it rhymes.


One foot, two foot,

think like Dr. Seuss,

it could be your poem

that I finally choose.


At midnight the bell

rings and it chimes,

Hopefully you've posted

the best of your rhymes.


tsun :D

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I'll bite and take a chance on this -

it's an opportunity to great to miss!

Here's a poem submitted to you

I wrote while I was in school, too.


Stopped by Frost on a Sunday Evening


Pet parakeet goes tweet in tune,

does loop-de-loops around the room

and I can find no other way

to say all that I want to say

‘cause ups and downs are stuck inside

my brain that searched and looked and tried

to find the accents in each line

by tapping feet and keeping time.

I’ve marked them right and marked them wrong

and yelled ba ba ba dee dee dum

to figure out just how to place

the characters upon the page.

Whose woods are these? I just don’t know.

His house is in the village though

and I’d be very, very glad

if he would simply pack his bags

and move his life right out of town

so I could write one small line down

that doesn’t have to rhyme or sound

just like the others all around.

I’m thinking dactyl, dactyl fly

across this page and maybe try

to change the tone of all that’s here

and rest my tired, tired ears

from listening to just one more line

that I don’t want to claim as mine

because, it’s true!, it’s hurt my pride

to give in to such goofy rhymes.

A poem does not have to match

each word for word or tit for tat

but I just cannot seem to stop

writing how I never want-

ed to before but what was that

I might have missed, I read so fast!?

A trochee sneaking in between

this never-ending same old beat.

A ray of light! Dawn through the dark!

Don’t tell me that’s a smart remark.

If you choose to be offended --

the trochee’s back! This rant’s upend

-ed! So I guess I must be through.

To meter I say, “Too da loo!”

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Here's one from my school days (grade 7, to be exact):




At dawn the playful pigs arise

They're animals which other farm creatures despise.

The rest of the barnyard animals think

The pigs are noisy, dumb, and stink!

Unless they gobble up some food

They get into a grumpy mood.

Squeaks and squawks and squabbles too

Make the farm sound like a zoo.

At nightfall the various sounds fade away,

The pigs have finished another day....


Congrats on finishing your degree!

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OK I am saying upfront that I can't write poems :D


Poems I can't write

but I still hope to win.

A turtle in my hands

would to my face bring a grin.


So if I am lucky

and I am one of the five,

I will wait by my mailbox

for my turtle to arrive.



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Oh cool, a cointest! It has been a while

Since I've tried my hand in hopes I would smile

Upon finding I'd won a new precious to hold

But I would not assume, or be so bold

As to think my rhyme might charm Tsun's ear

And result in a turtle finding it's way here

So I'll end my rhyme, and hope for the best

And thank tsunrisebey for her latest cointest!

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I was told I used the wrong spelling of a word above

I sometimes use words that don't fit like a glove

It came from a friend I will call MustangJoni

But pointing it out writting yourself is baloney


So I will try again with my second rhyme

Maybe this one will be the time

I want a turtle that I can say

I will hopefully get one some day.

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OK here is my second one for you TSUN:


A cap and a gown

and a much earned degree,

is what I desire

to set myself free.


I have studied so hard

to learn what I must,

to enter a career

for which I lust.


My school years are over

I say with glee

but life is just beginning

this journey for me.




Congratulations on your graduation :D

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Oh little Earth Turtle

colored in green,

normally I know you’d head to the sea,

but this time I hope you’re coming to me.


Blemished or not,

you still perfectly shine,

there’s no flaw in design,

don’t worry you’re fine!


A scar makes you unique,

makes you different than most.

If you were like all the others,

of what could you boast?


But if some should continue to look at you funny,

there’s a lesson that’s always good to recall:

What’s on the outside is only a shell,

what’s on the inside is most important of all.



Congratulations on earning your degree Tsun and thank your for the cointest to let us celebrate along with you!

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Congratulations on your graduation Day!

It will be a fun day full of play!

Now what will you do w/all of your new found time?

Will you go geocaching and have some great finds?

Will you design some great new coins?

Or find an endangered species geocaching club that everyone will join?

Or will you sit around,

And on the foums be found?

All I can truly say...

Is have a fabulous graduation day!

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You have my heartfelt congratulations on your graduation; one more year remains for me, and it's finals week. Here's a poem I wrote for a literature class this semester.


A las diez de la noche

Los dos estan afuera

En el viento fresco

Bajo la luna llena.


Se quedan solos juntos

Mirando el cielo tan

Ancho como un rio.

Las estrellas los miran.


Tiritando un poco

Le murmura a el:

"Para que me has traido

A esfriarme la piel?"


El dice: "Paz, mi novia,

Abroche su abrigo.

Por unos momentos mas

Queda aqui conmigo."


Continuan mirando

Hasta que ella pierde

A final su paciencia;

Va de la yerba verde.


De su manta en el suelo

Solamente la tiene

Vista perfecta cuando

Lo que predijo viene.


La luz pequena brilla

En la cima del mundo.

Termina su viaje

En un fuego profundo


Una cosa tan bella...

...que bella esta muerte.

Nunca puede volver y

Pensar en su mal suerte.


Cuatro palabras caen

Con amargura como

Susurro triste del viento:

"Una sorpresa; te amo."



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Oh, if I had a Geocoin

On a little shelf

I'd admire it and Polish it

and keep it for myself


But, if I had two Geocoins

I'd send one out to You

To show I care, from Here to There

and that is what I'd do


Oh, if I had some Geocoins

In a little book

I'd turn the Page and Rearrange

and Look and Look and Look


But, if I made my own Geocoin

I'd Mail one out Your Way

or We Could Trade our Heart's Desire

and Chat the Night Away


Or, if I felt Mysterious

I'd try to Act real Wise

A Coin would fall into your Lap

It would be quite a Surprise


I have One Coin, I have Two

I have Too many Coins, I know

My Lock & Locks are piled High

With Treasures to behold


I have one Friend, I have Two

I have many Friends, I know

They're the Faces inside each Geocoin

Treasures worth more than Gold


You're Treasures worth more than Gold...

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You said not to whine, but I'm the king of crying about missing the sale of your coins. So, here's my rhyme, albeit a bit rappish:


I'm DJSnarg and I've got to say

I better see some turtles comin my way

It may sound bossy, it may sound mean

but if I don't get em,

I'm gonna scream


So flip me some turtles and if you do

I won't hold my breath until I turn blue,

I'll stop crying like a baby, won't whine, won't wail,

just because I missed that darn turtle sale,

cause my name is Snarg and that's for show,

but my buddies still know me as old darn joe.

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Congrats on the rewards of all your hard work!!



That hazelnut you so sweetly crave

Why it is most surely all the rave


In big jars it does comes

You eat it all up, oh so yum!


When all of it is eaten away

A new empty toy with which to play


A treasure to place for cachers to find

But dang all that chocolate has put you in a bind!


Quick, a bathroom ye must find!

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8 little feet

doing quite a mix

tangled and twisted

then there were six


6 little feet

ran out the door

a couple missed the car

then there were 4


4 little feet

ran down the trail

one tripped in a whole

and had to bail


2 little feet

searched around GZ

held up the cache

and hopped with glee!


1 little foot

hopping up and down

someone's been here!

now now there was a frown


8 little feet

where have they been?

sitting all content

at the dairy queen


You didn't get the FTF

but you must realize

that having mint ice cream

is the real prize!



* soz I was writing this while spooning mint choc chip ice cream. :D

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I remember that feeling

All those years ago

My mind was still reeling

With all we had to know


For final exams

Took weeks of hard prep

Any attempt to cram

Was not the right step


It was such a relief

To be finished with school stress

But it was my belief

It prepared me none the less


My next 13 years

Have been exciting and full

Sure there have been tears

But even more that's quite cool


I look forward to more

That life throws my way

You have a lot in store

Congrats tsunrisebey

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On Saturday walk with your head high

Take your degree and wave bye-bye.


Tsunrisebey says I must write eight lines

And this poem is supposed to rhyme.


What can I say; I’d love a turtle

I would even trade you my Aunt Myrtle.


Pretty corny and lame

But I’ll still play the game.



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My initial thought was to post the poem that I wrote for one of my caches: GCVCQG


Within these lines you’ll find your clues to sign the log and pay your dues.

Muggles, they are everywhere, so be discreet and search with care.

The sculptures aren't tiny like "Mice on Main," But the stroll is easy, just the same.

Follow these coords to get your start, Where a man sits reading, enjoying the park.

Over his shoulder a sentinel stands, His life's mission was protecting this land.

In front of him, stand looking down, You’ll find yourself in the center of town.

Now put away your GPS. You’ll need your brain to solve the rest.

To the North a lovely tribute waits, that honors two plants that dot our state.

Look to the West or to the East, to satisfy your inner beast.

But to the South our quest for you, walk carefully across for a better view.

If you are standing in the right place, paintings and sculptures are in your face.

Now turn to the right and stroll again, inside the tower you must stand.

Some gave more, while some gave less, Look for the names that start with “S.”

While standing firm in front of them, look to your right once again.

Wait for “Walk.” Don’t try to trick it, Or else you'll get a jaywalking ticket.

Across the road we go again, where you just might see man’s best friend.

Keep going straight, don’t turn or veer, You'll pass a lamp-post very near.

Watch your step ‘cause if it’s dark, these aren’t fake, like “Park and Bark!”

There is a vessel here to use, “Keeping things green” is our muse.

Don’t lift the lid or you may find, matter of an unsettling kind.

No need to get dirty, no, not at all, but it may help if you are tall.

This micro’s not like most you see, it’s long and slender…silvery.

We hope you have enjoyed your stay, Come back again another day!


Additional Hints ( Encrypt )


If one more clue you wish to seek,

look down the post and take a peek


Congrats on Graduation!!!

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But then...I thought abut this one from my latest puzzle-cache:




Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Hick

You knew he was Southern cause his dialect was thick,

The cacher’s all knew him as a hockey dude,

And you could always find him wherever there was food.


(BBQ, that is, chicken leg, ham bone...)


One rainy day he asked about the story of his Pa,

Ma heaved a little sigh and stiffened up her jaw.

“Your Pa was a whiskey-man, the best by-far around,

Folks would come to get a jug from clear all over town.”


(Corn, that is, Yellow Gold, Cat-Daddy...)


His still was nestled in beneath the long-leaf needle pines,

And he would even give them some if they didn't have a dime.

The Army came a callin' and offered us a mule,

If he would let them make his mash into tank fuel.


(Gas, that is, kerosene, runnin' lean...)


She told his Pa to go ahead, she'd take care of our land,

So he went to support the cause and help his fellow man.

Back home, she tended to the chores and if someone was sick

She'd send them off with a quart or two of sweet "Cat-Daddy-Hick."


(Cure, that is, colicy young-uns, sneezin' fits...)


She told him of the War and how his Paw had made it home,

And told him of the immigrate who also came along.

Hailing from the Old Country, he took to Mama's cookin’,

And also down a shot or two when no-one else was lookin’.


(Swig, that is, just a splash, warm and fuzzy...)


"Your Paw never told him the secrets of his mash,

Even though he offered your Paw a lot of cash.

I thought he was a no-account, this I tell you son,

I never went no place that I didn't tote my gun.”


(Colt, that is, Fourty-four, in my apron...)


She went on to tell him about the day the rascal left,

He took all the money and her jewelry while they slept.

Jars of whiskey, corn and bags of sugar too,

And set fire to the still to cover-up his rue.


(Thief, that is, low-down, no account...)


"Your Pa tore after him over hill and over dale,

but his gimpy leg allowed Demetri to prevail.

He came home low and beaten, I mended to his cuts,

And from that moment forward, son, your Paw was going nuts."


(Coo-Coo for Coco Puffs, that is, paper dolls, funny farm...)


Demetri died a pauper 'cause he just didn't have the touch.

His attempts to make fine whiskey didn't amount to much.

He was found inside his freezer tryin' to cool the fire,

Of the poison he had brewed with nary a desire.


(Cold, that is, tingly toes, frozen olives...)


She handed him a yellow scrap of paper, scuffed and torn,

Left behind by Pa on a dreary Sunday morn.

He had headed out to find the man that stole his jar,

When a church van ran him over outside "Demetri's Bar."


(Worm dirt, that is, eighty-six, pushin' daisies...)


Your Pa died with his secret, or so I've often felt,

Until I found this code hidden inside his old belt.

His recipe may be here, Heaven only knows,

But even if it's not, you are finished with this prose!


(Go!, that is, Hit the road! Find the Cache! )

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1 turtle, 2 turtles,

3 turtles, maybe four:

Is that a turtle I hear

Knocking at my door?


Soon the forums may observe

That a nut like me might win

In spite of the pathetic shape

This poem of mine is in!!!


Thank you, tsunrisebey,

For yet another way

To get a sweet, much wanted turtle coin

For my collection to which it may join!

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A cointest I see

at the end of my day.

My heart filled with glee

as I sat down to play.


I sit and I think

what would TSun like

coins that go chink

a bird or a bike.


It is very quiet

sat here on my own

no tv no sound

no email no phone


I hope for the wails

a new coin may bring

when I open the mail

that says Hey you win.


With absolutely no shame

and a whole lot of fun

I think I can claim

that this poem is done.



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When I first discovered the geocoin board,

It uncovered for me a humongous coin hoard.

They all were so pretty but there was just one

That everyone said was just perfectly done.

It was known as the ‘Earth Turtle’ and in no time at all

I realized that it made me purely enthralled.

I started to seek out this masterpiece

But with no coins to trade I could not be appeased.

However, today an opportunity was born

To get that great coin which I so much adorn.

So as I write these lyrics at my computer tonight,

I hope that an ‘Earth Turtle’ will soon be in my sight.

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Here's one more, tailored to better suit the occasion.




When I was six, I daydreamed

Of teaching when I grew older,

Leading a class of ready young minds

And wielding the grading-folder.


At age ten, what I wished for

Was to be an astronaut,

To travel on a spaceship

As adventurous men ought.


At year fourteen, I figured that

Accounting might be my line;

It worked for my dad, after all,

And didn't I turn out fine?


Eighteen came, and by that point

My mind had drawn a blank;

All I wanted was some way

To put enough cash in the bank.


Now twenty-two is coming up

And I have come around to see

That six-year-old me had it right:

A teacher I was meant to be.


So now I study teacher-ed

And grade essays by the ream.

Congratulations on your graduation

And never forget: you are what you dream.




EDIT: OK, so this wasn't "just before the bell"; Eastern Time is two hours ahead. :D

Edited by MountainRacer
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‘Twas finals week, when all through the forums

The members were typing their best turtle poems.


The verses were posted to the thread with great care

In hopes that a turtle soon would be there.


The students were nestled all snug in their beds.

With finals behind them, they had nothing to dread.


But the teachers, the teachers, were up really late

Grading great mounds of papers was their final fate.


Did they read them and stack them and write comments down?

Or just give them a grade as they fell to the ground?


And then, in a twinkling, the grades were recorded

In each class for each student a grade was reported.


As Steph crossed the stage to get her degree,

Her smile said it all—she was finally *free*!



Congrats! Hope you have a great graduation and vacation! :D

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I will have to try. :D


The coins!


A cat and a rat

a pig and a moose

I don´t keep them in a hat

but they´ll never get loose


They bring me much fun

I have a jewel from Tsun

I admire their beauty

and call them all, my cutie.


Poetry is not my strongest side but for this cointest I just had to try.


Thanks for the cointest and congrats to you Tsun.

grodan Karin

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It has been not long

since I started this thing.

The pull has been strong

since I've been geocaching.


The first one I found

Was in a tree,

I had looked all around

with hesitancy.


I saw a green cache

in the crook in a the tree

and went with a dash

with my son to go see.


We opened the lid

and looked on inside

a pencil and log book

our eyes opened wide.


We signed our first log

We took our first toy

We hid from the dogs

and the girls and the boys.


We snuck from the tree

and onto the trail

Hoping no-one would see

Hoping we would not fail.


For the short hunting time

That we had looked

It provided the sign

We were definately hooked.


A year down the road

with over 900 caches

Our caching hasn't slowed

as we look for the stashes.


towards the 1000

Our finds they do hurtle

The one thing that's left

Is to own TSUN's turtle.




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A turtle, they say, is yeah big and yeah long,

It happily lives its whole life in the sea.

With a graceful glide that's as sweet as a song,

Still, this turtle is just not for me.


A terrapin now, is as fierce as they come.

It too lives in water, but is crafty and sly,

Careless prey will soon be undone,

But this terrapin is just not for I.


A tortoise, by contrast, lives its life on dry land,

Slowly plodding the centuries away.

A diet of fruits and leaves to some may sound grand,

But this tortoise I shall pass by today.


Now the Earth Turtle! There is turtle with taste!

It shows off its brilliant colours with glee.

It flies to and fro with unturtlelike haste.

Oh I hope one will fly home to me!

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As a teacher

at a large college,

I applaud you

for your show of knowledge.


I know it's hard

to work and to wait,

but this weekend,

you'll finally graduate.


Then you'll have a diploma

to call your own.

But Monday it's job search time,

To pay off that student loan!



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Not very good at poems, but here goes anyway...


Oh how I wish for a turtle.

I found one once in some some myrtle.

A turtle in the myrtle.

In the myrtle was the turtle.


Hidden in the leaves, her color was green.

She stood there looking, almost like a queen.

I decided to call her Jean,

Or maybe the name should be Gene.


Because girl or boy, I really did not know.

When I saw her, I said oh-no,

But she must have thought I was her foe,

Because she bit me on the toe.

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Count me out as

I will just pout

as i can't rhyme

even if it won me a yime

I could enter two times

but what a waste of time

so no whine here

I just go get a beer

just a fact that I can't rhyme

and out of time.



Congrats to you tsunrisebey ! ! !

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I came upon this with less than an hour to spare

should I? could I? would I dare?

try to write something for our tsun to compare

for it seems poets are everywhere

We feel like we know this young lady from Montana

who can be pursuaded with the thought of Nutella

we are proud of you as you start your journey

for life is just beginning for you and your pony

with humbled hearts for a girl not met,

our thoughts are not phony

for we agree with all your talents you shall achieve

all your dreams and wishes if you just believe,

we believe in you.


Congrats Tsun :D

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Im glad I got up

I was in bed you see,

But my faithful pup

She had to go pee.


So I look into the forum

To see any new posts tonight,

Tsun has a cointest

Which has given me a fright.


I have to be creative

And give her a rhymn,

Oh Lord Oh lord

Im running out of time.


Im not real witty

At this kind of thing,

But if I try real hard,

A turtle the mailman may bring.


Congrats Tsun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tsun feels generous tonight

giving away a sweet turtle

Don't she know of my fright

To overcome this big hurdle


A rhyme I must think

For a turtle in hand

Would turn my face pink

And my smile be grand


Tsun's diploma will bring power

But won't go to her head

Instead it's Nutella at this hour

Soon she'll be off to bed

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after hard work and no visit,

you can say i did it.

you got your degree feels like a t-bee,

fly in the sunrise happy and free.


bey you say to the turtle you give away,

mabey he`s happy white our turtle pim that he stay.

now you have time for holiday and visit the green him,

so that you can come and see your turtle swim.


congratuled to you tsun :D

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I've been sittin' here ponderin'

my brain's been a wanderin'

I've been sorely upset

that I haven't won yet.


My muse is a joke

It flows like a choke

I came up with naught

Just as I thought.


So here's to a friend

On one to depend

She's just so darn nice

Though she exacted this price.


So 'ere I'm a tryin'

and no pouts or cryin'

I wish you the best

you've showed up the rest.


I'm sure I'm too late

that's how it goes, mate

I've got a full plate

With work that I hate.


Just so you see

This poem is free

No one would pay

So I'll go away.



(Sorry bout that!)


Spring's blossoms unfold

A cap, a gown, and degree

Commencement arrived


(See? My haiku's are just as bad!)

(Let's try again, shall we?)


Many lessons learned

Majestic Mountain backdrop

Graduation day


(Okay - I'm leaving!)

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Hey, Steph is having a cointest

But just Where could Dardevle be

We All know he's one of the best

To out post most with his glee


A blemished turtle be the prize

For Steph is quite generous

Her artistic views have wowed our eyes

Should we not be envious


Steph is graduating from college

With her we are all proud

She has obtained all this knowledge

Her voice is now loud


Just where is that Dardevle

Eating Nutella on the sly

Not to Steph do we tell

Winning a Turtle we try


Steph says goodbye to her books

This ends her college years

Tristen and his good looks

Surely will lap up her tears




Congratulations, Steph and if you get board, just remember there is always the Masters :D then doctorate




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Congrats little Tsun

Your happy and free

Your finally done

and Congrats from me! :)


An earth Turtle for us?

For us do you say?

Cool, so I dont have to bid

Ya know that LE on Ebay! :P


Cause this rhymes a must

For the cointest no doubt!

Ill get that Green Turtle

...Ill get it or pout! :D


Naaa, no pouting here

Its happy and joy

Tsuns Gradiated

Sweet Boy Oh Boy! B)


Rock On little Sista

Were proud of you here!

But its just begun...

and your future is clear! :D:D


So tell us whats next

Whats next do you say?

Hmmm, ill bet a cointest

Maybe Sunday! B)


But after the fact

What are your plans?

Will you still make the coins...

The coins for your fans? B)


Whatever it is,

Ya know, that youll do!

You'll make someone proud...

Or come get your crew! B)


Cuz we are big and we're bad

With heavy objects galore

mostly just homies

whom you we adore! :D


Kay Im done now...

It was fun to come play

OH did I mention...



[/b]Congrats Tsun!!!!!!!!

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Tsun I hope it is ok to post this. If you want me to get rid of it just let me know. I never got to tell you that I was sorry for your loss.


Loosing a loved one can be very hard,

At many times it can catch you off gaurd.

Remember those times you two had together,

And hopefully they will remain present forever.

The bond that you made will never be broken.

The love that you share will always be spoken.

Cowboy was one of a kind.

Another one like him you'll never find.


P.S Congrats on finishing up school!

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There lived a turtle

Her name was Tsun

She lived in a shell

and enjoy everyday the sun

Her life was very very well


She swam in Nutella

And she climed on every rock

She had a fella

Who was named Jock


They had made little green blemished turtle's

Who loved to hide and seek and play

At one day turtle Tsun climb up in a lot of mirttle's

And she thinks; the litle green turtle's are old enoug to find now there own way

Turtle tsun and turtle jock give there kids a kiss and set them free

And hopely one of the litle green turtle's will visit me :D

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Too bad this cointest took place while I was sound asleep! Those darn time zones! :D

But here's a little poem anyway, I couldn't resist. It's based on one of my 'adventures' as a child. True story!


I was at a play ground, a nice sunny day

The sun shone real brightly, shot many a ray

After playing for hours my eyes caught a sign

A race between turtles, the prize would be mine!


A turtle, a turtle, I wanted to win

I wanted to play, no I wouldn't give in

I was about seven, or had maybe turned eight

The race would be starting, I could no longer wait


I had picked me a winner, I was sure as could be

My mother was watching, but not cheering for me

She was thinking, that turtle, let's not take it home

But if my turtle was fastest, in our house it would roam


I had picked a true turtle, it was cute but slow

It just wouldn't walk faster, it got stuck at the GO

So my mother was happy, but I was real sad

Who knew if a new chance I'd ever would get

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