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Another local Geocaching Article in Toronto Star

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Might have been a completely different article if they were taken to one of the MANY thoughtless roadside placements (mostly micros) that are plaguing the game.

Thus another positive, good news story gets turned into yet another I-don't-like-this-cache-so-it-shouldn't-exist threads. ;)


More on topic - It's great to see the local news picking up on caching and reporting on the fun. I think we should all be going out of our way to make sure local media are aware of the many benefits of caching. Event organizers, make sure you ping your local paper/community television programs. Many times they're (desperately!) looking for local events to cover. This will also ensure that your local authorities will hear about geocaching for the RIGHT reasons, and possibly move to encourage cache placements in town (instead of detonating them :huh: )

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