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Someone needs to put a cache here!

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Man! I used to skydive and that's too much of a thrill for me.


A) The cameraman couldn't have been hooked to the lines because he didn't have to stop and rehook around the people he passed.


2) He was moving at a pretty good clip...I thought at first the film was sped up, but since the people in the video were moving at a normal rate, it must not be.


Lastly, The camera didn't appear to be attached to a helmet on his head in the shadow, so he didn't have hands free.



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Wow! I know that I wouldn't be able to do that myself, that video was the closest I could ever come to that kind of experience. It was incredible!!! Thank you for sharing that. I was on the edge of my seat and gasped out loud at several spots. I feel like I should get a smiley just for watching! Haha!!!! :o

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I can understand how someone with good balance and a good head of height would love the buzz of this walk.

Unfortunately even though I have good balance I have a fear of heights (except when flying) which would prevent me getting past the first metal bar that needs to be walked along.

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