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Portuguese Geocacher on is way to Finland


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Hi there,


my name is Francisco. I'm a portuguese geocacher.

I'm on my way to Finland on a business trip (actually i'm going for training) and i will stay there for a month, maybe more, and on my free time i would like to take the opportunity to do some caches around Helsinki and Espoo.


If some one of you would like to join me after work and on weekends to do some geocaching it would be awesome.


If you would like to contact me, please check my profile you will find my contact details there.




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I just would like to drop a note.


Yesterday, i had the pleasure to meet a nice person, Otto, geocacher name ExTechOp.

We went together and his girlfriend Paula (this is how we write the name in Portuguese, i dont know if in Finish is in the same way) to do some caches.

He took me first to visit one of his caches that i could not find out, well hidden by the day :). Thanks Otto for the support, then another that we actually could not find it and finally we went to fetch his girlfriend and we went to a very nice area to do some caches all together. I was really pleased and happy to visit the place. Country side, quite and peaceful, nice place to walk, joguing or even ride a bike.


I really would like to do it again. I really appreciate their company.


Thanks Otto and Paula :)


FPaulos :D

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thanks for all the input.

Actually i already start to do some of the caches that are also part of your query.

Before i came here, i tried to prepare myself in a way that i could do as much caches as i could.


If you would like to join me one day for some hunting, please contact me, we can try to organize something for the weekend and go somewhere around. I dont have my own transport, im using only public transport.


Thanks for your welcome whishes.




I have collected a small bookmarklist for tourists in Helsinki


There was also a geocache gallup 2007, which has been collected by almost 100 geocachers in Finland. There are many categories. Some of them are in Helsinki and Espoo.


You can visit my bookmarks by profile link and make pocket queries if you like.


Welcome to Finland!

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