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WTB: Accessories for iFinder Explorer

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You can find and download the manual online here.


At the same spot, you can find the GPX to USR software program that will convert a downloaded GC.com GPX file into iFinder USR waypoints.


Additional software, such as MapCreate (detailed streets, parks, topo, etc.), must be purchased from Lowrance (LEI Extras) or any one of a number of online retailers (probably cheaper).


The only power cord that comes with the iFinders is a car charger. It's function is only to operate the iFinder when in the car so you don't run down the batteries. It doesn't transfer data or plug into the wall or charge batteries. You use an SD card to transfer data between your PC and the iFinder. You can get one at LEI Extras for $30, but I don't think it is worth it. I've never used mine, but then again, I only use my iFinder outside the truck.

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Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the manual, but the desktop doesn't travel well. :o I was hoping someone out there had some old cords or the card writer and software sitting around. I plan on giving this unit to my 10yr old daughter after I decide on (save up for) a bigger color unit for myself.

I noted at the LEI site that there is a combo patch cord that has the 12v power and the data cable in one, but that is almost more than I paid for the unit!

No hurry, we are finding things just as quick with the paper print out!

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Well now, wait a minute. Let me add a few clarifications. First, there is no way to upload waypoint data to an iFinder using a cable. You upload waypoint data (a Lowrance ".usr" file) using an SD card. To do this, you do not need the Lowrance brand card reader. Any SD card reader can can transfer over .usr files that the iFinder will read. Now, if you want to use that GPX to USR program, you have to be a premium member of this site to get GPX files. There are alternatives, however, and Airmapper -- a cacher that has used Lowrances extensively -- has a website that discusses this and also maintains its own helpful forum.


You only need the Lowrance brand card reader to upload maps from their proprietary mapping software (MapCreate). If you purchase the mapping software, it should come with the Lowrance card reader included in the package. My advice would be to skip the detailed mapping for now. Learn the unit and use it to cache for a while, and then make a decision on this.


With regard to cables, there is the cigarette cable I mentioned earlier that only charges the unit in the car and is an included accessory with any new iFinder that you buy. Then there is the data cable you saw on the LEI site. That cable is to feed NMEA (coordinates) data from the iFinder to a computer. Using the data cable, you can connect the iFinder and use it to provide positional data to, say, your laptop. If your laptop is running a mapping program, it can use the data to show your location on the map and provide driving directions.


For the manual, I guess your only option is to print it out.

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Now I can really thank you for the headsup! I won't bother with the cables and I'll look instead for the card reader/writer. If I don't find a book I'll break down and buy one from the LEI site and eat the shipping. I definately need to read the manual before purchasing any of the extra maps and stuff. We are new to geocaching and just started last month with a borrowed 60csx until I found this Explorer cheap figuring I would give it to my daughter or wife. I am actually very happy with how well this thing works even in cloudy conditions and under trees and we have been quite successful.

You did convince me to become a premium member and thanks for the link, I've got a lot of reading!

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