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Garmin 60csx geocache waypoint

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I got started from the mygarmin area of Garmin's website. It will walk you through getting everything setup to transfer waypoints from either garmins site or geocaching.com's site. I am just getting started so I don't have any experience with any of the other software alot of members here use.

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If you are not a premium member of geoaching.com you canstill use the button "send to gps". Then the cache is uploaded to your gps device using a usb cable.

But ofcourse you can type the coordinates manually in your device as follows:

Hit "Mark"

Go to the coordinates section and change as necessary. Navigate to the "Save" button and hit "Enter". To find your marked waypoint, hit "Find" 2x and a list of your waypoints will appear, newest first.


If you are a premium member, there are also automated ways to upload a lot of waypoints at once (using pocket queries and some software (i.e. gsak)).


Hope this helps,


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Also you can download all the points you want from the website by clicking on the check box to the left and get them as a single .loc file. You can then use GSAK or EasyGPS to put stuff in the comments field like container size and ratings. And send the whole shooting match to the GPS.

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Download them--it's much easier.


Keep it simple when you start off. Download the .LOC file for one or two caches to your computer. Then, assuming you bought US Topo 2008 maps for your unit, open the MapSource application. Open each of the downloaded .LOC files in MapSource, then use MapSource to send them to your unit (look for the GPS icons on the toolbar).


Once you get the hang of that, there are far more efficient ways to download. But don't worry about them now. You don't need GSAK or ny other software just to download waypoints. Once you've got a few caches under your belt, become a premium member, which will let you create 'pocket queries'. That's where GSAK is really handy, and it will be good to look at then.

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