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Is Groundspeak site down?

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Or is it just me...beautiful day outside trying to log on to download new caches in the area and says

"Sorry we encountered an error" :D:D

Yes it is. I was about to log some finds before I went out to mow and then head to church. I don't feel like the geocache has truly been found until it is logged online.

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:D I was able to log onto the site and even go to My Account and view several of my caches.


:D However, I was unable to add notes, disable a cache or even edit one of them.


:D The Frog must be having a bad case of hiccups or swallowed a bad bug!

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As you can see in the linked thread in the Geocaching.com Web Site forum, the problem has been fixed. If you experience any further difficulties accessing the site today, please post over there. Closing this duplicate thread.

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