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Quick COINTEST for a surprise COIN

Frozen Buns

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Well you might did something else!


You changed the toilet took the old out and turned it in a shooting target!

I think I saw a guy shooting toilets in a movie and he was saying that it was good for stress!!! ;)


the other thing?? you made a wooden toilet, in the fields, ...you know the ones with the half moon design on the door.....

so during winder there will still be some frozen buns !!! :(:blink:

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Since I don't think they have basements in Texas I will say that you poured the cement loor for the new addition. Then afterwards you realized you forgot to put the pipes in the cement. You then spent the rest of the week with a jackhammer before doing it right. No that's not right that's what a MAN would do a woman would do it right the first time!!! So that means you poured the floor with the piping laid out correctly, leveled the concrete and cured it then sat back for a bit with a cool one!

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YOu guys have really made my day...my 93 year old grandmother is laughing and telling tales related to alot of the answers. :blink:


LadyB you got it when you said I changed out the engine in my 35 Ford pickup. It is actually easier than rebuilding one. ;) I had changed heads and manifolds etc. but had never changed the shifter seal in the transmission or had to go looking for a different flexdisk to match up to the trans.


There is still another thing that I will be practicing for awhile. The 2nd thing I did was fun :blink: My dad couldn't believe that I had tried to do this myself without any lessons so he helped adjust the machines and showed me how to "keep with the flow" instead of going to fast.


I will list in another post an answer to alot of the other posts as you guys would probably not believe that I actually DO alot of the things yuou guessed....:( My dad was always telling us to try something and would give instructions if asked. Never said a girl/women couldn't do something that was usually a "Guys" job.


So start guessing the 2nd thing I did, I will give alot of clues real fast this morning so you don

t have to wait too long :(


Thanks again for all the laughs, I really needed them.

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I have done every stage of building a house including elec. plumbing, hanging cabnets, laying all thypes of flooring etc.


Have hunted large and small game and taught the Fish and Game guys how to skin out an animal for the taxidermist, had worked in my ex-in-laws taxidermy for years...


Trimmed hoofs on goats

roasted a pig

built a fence

driven through all 49 states - missing the 50th Hawaii

have changed oil and brake pads, radiators and hoses and belts on cars.

Made jelly and wine


HAVEN'T done: sheared a sheep, shoed a horse or donkey, jumed from an airplane-would like to :(

rode a Bronc - don't want to :blink:

I will have to go look at some of the other suggestions....;)

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