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Magellan 500LE

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Whenever I try to use the Magellan Geocache Manager or the Magellan Conversion Manager to transfer data to the 500LE; I am unable to get any connection to the GPS, and get this error message: "Magellan explorist Manager was unable to detect any explorist."


The GPS device is actually connected as I am to see the directory structures, and I am able to copy ".gs" files (from GSAK) to the GPS's pseudo drive and use them in the GPS. But, without the conversion manager being able to communicate I can't move in detailed maps, background maps, routes, etc. so kind of useless.


This connection is done via the provided USB cable over to a USB port on the front of my Gateway PC. The PC is running Windows Vista Ultimate and connects to my other GPS units (have a Crossover and an older Meridian).

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If you can connect the Explorist in data transfer mode, you don't need Conversion Manager to move the maps over. You can use Windows Explorer to drag and drop from the Mapsend Export\Images folder to the Detail Maps folder on your GPS. There is no conversion made of the map file format (there *is* a format conversion for POIs and probably routes, not sure about the latter).

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is the Data cable going from the top to the bottom of the explorist 500, this is the only way it will work.



With Vista you will want to use Magellans Vantage point software, it is a free download from Magellan.


The problem is the unit is not getting enough power via USB. Hook up an AC adapter to the provided port on the USB Data cable and that will take care of the problem. If you don't have an AC adapter for the unit a Sony PSP power adapter will fit it fine.

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