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Tree Trouble

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In the last few days I've had more than my share of trouble finding caches in trees. It may be that (1) the caches are really well hidden, (2) I'm incompetent or (3) the caches have been muggled, but I've done repeated visits to a few different trees, most recently with good detailed lifelines, yet come up empty.


I'm thinking of bringing my chainsaw caching and just cutting down the troublesome ones, toting them home and then dissecting them piece by piece until I find the cache. Re-hiding would be a bit of a problem though.


One good thing did come of the time I've spent examining trees ... tonight I created a very official looking badge announcing that I am an official "Arboreal Numericist." I'll wear this around my neck next time and maybe it will drive off muggles.

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:( I threatened to do the same thing to a tree, when I was with a group of kids in a science class, and they were doing Model rocketry... One, the rocket launched fine, deployed perfectly.. Landed, in a tree... more than 30-feet up. :blink:


Most of the time, most caches are at eye level, (for the average sized adult. Which stinks for slightly smaller.) and usually hanging in younger (<10 year) growth.


A good idea, if it's small enough, and you are pretty certain it's the right tree, shake it a little.. Most nanos (usually Bison tubes) jingle a little.


A case of Mother nature getting hungry, there's one up this way, an old tree, growing on top of a fairly loose garnet rock outgrowth, where the tree literally ate a camouflaged match holder tube, that was hiddem under the roots.. Apparently, during the winter, the rocks got looser, and the tube rolled further under the tree, way out of reach. (and sight too!)

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