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Little Miss Avroair Cointest


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So Mrs Avroair is due in the next 3 weeks and we will meet Lil Miss Avroair (we were tempted to name her Lilliane Melissa Clemens to call her Lil Mis Clemens... :) anyways)...


Onwards to the cointest:

Winners: Receive a Lil Miss Avroair Cherry Blossom coin (picture tk)



1. Only one guess per person, but you can post as much as you would like in the thread

2. Edited posts won't count


To Enter:

Guess one of these 4 things correct:

1) date of birth

2) time of birth

3) official weight

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl


:mad: Good health is the greatest gift. Batteries not included. Void in some states where prohibited. Can redemption value in MI of 10 cents. Cointest is not open to family members or people who Avroair calls after the pregnancy and haven't voted yet.

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First, I have to wish you good luck during the next time ;o)))


1) date of birth

May, 24st

2) time of birth


3) official weight


4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl

"FTN" - First T5er in Nappies ;o))))


Good luck for family avroair!

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1) date of birth- may 28

2) time of birth- 5:55a.

3) official weight-8lbs 3oz

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl- What ever goes in one end, comes out the other (especially geocoins) OR 'the best swag we ever found...'


Congrats...you are about to enter the 'baby zone' :)

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1) date of birth: May 13, 2008

2) time of birth: 1356

3) official weight: 7lbs, 6 oz.

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl: Girls Get Grimy Geocaching



Congrats! Hope it is a quick labor, that mom and baby girl do great! I predict that it will take exactly 0.05 seconds for your new baby girl to have you wrapped around her little fingers!

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Oh!! congratulations my friend!!!! :)


I will guess...


1) date of birth - May 17

2) time of birth - 8:25 am (in the morning right?)

3) official weight...can I guess in kilos? 3 kilos and 250gr

4) Geocaching motto: Well....here is my thought:


Lilli (from Lilliane), is actually... flower!

Melissa (beautiful name), is "Bee" in Greek! Actually it is Mέlissa (I made the "e" greek to see the tone where it is in Greek!)


So...How about a Lilli Bee??? she can even have her own signature photo with a flower and a bee!!! :D And...when you register her as a geocacher (like my friend 007BigD did) from her birth day, she can keep her registration name for ever!!!! How about that???:)

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Congratulations!!! May babies are great. well all babies are great bu your own are wonderful!!!


1) date of birth May 9

2) time of birth 2:23am (date and time of my son's)

3) official weight 6# 15 oz

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl Pat--a--Cache

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First off - Congratulations - The best Gift of all.


1) date of birth May 20th

2) time of birth 19:43 pm

3) official weight 7 lbs 1 oz

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl - I've Got The Best Coins!


In my experience they always arrive at Dinner Time but leave plenty of time for a Beer and a Cigar to celebrate later in the evening. Have Fun....

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Guess one of these 4 things correct:

1) date of birth: considering your track record with making flights before the event, I'm going with May 23rd :)

2) time of birth: 2 hours before your flight!

3) official weight: 6lbs 4oz

4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl: "Daddy's best design ever!"


Best wishes to you both as your lives become more amazing than you ever knew they could be! :)

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