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Tell something about the Netherlands cointest


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thanks everybody for your post in this cointest




you have learned me things about my country [yes i feel me ashamed]


a lot of you write funny things about the Netherlands :lol::laughing: [ I think some of those things are true B)B) ]


i think that everybody got to know now a little bit about my country


PLease keep posting and suprise me


:laughing: have a nice day and eat of wear some orange cloth's today to celebrate our queen :laughing:

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Before moving to Sweden, a country which also has a monarchy, I always thought a king or queen would be cool. Since moving here, I've really grown fond of them and the traditions that they represent, traditions going back hundreds of years. I love all the pomp and circumstance surrounding them, the mystery, the romance of it all. I realize they are just regular people, but at the same time, they're the KING!! or QUEEN!!


It's just one of those really kind of cool things that I learned to appreciate more once moving here. I'd love to have the chance to meet either our king or queen, or the crown princess, Victoria, she is so poised and calm, she's going to be a wonderful queen some day!




Congratulations,to The Netherlands and her Queen, enjoy your day!

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(learned these from my father-in-law)...


While most people count on their fingers by using the index finger as 'one' and counting off on the other fingers before returning to the thumb for 'five', a Dutch person will use the thumb for 'one' and count off the rest of the fingers in order.


Copper wire was invented by two Dutchmen fighting over a penny.


Edwin van der Sar is the Netherlands most capped football player of all time. He has played goal in 122 games for the national side. He is captain of the Netherlands team. He is also one of the few goalies to have scored a goal, doing it on penalty kicks when he played for Ajax. He is now the netminder for Manchester United in the English Premiership.


For anyone with FaceBook, you can view my photo album of our trip to Holland with this link:


Photo Album

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Dutch people have a quaint habit of calling anything that they can't see over a "mountain".
So do bluenosers B)


touché! B)


I also learned on my trip there that they look at you strange if you ask for milk for your tea, and if you don't ask for milk for your coffee. So I just started asking for my milk on the side and gave it to my wife to put in her tea.


Tipping the attendant to use the washroom -- even in McDonald's -- took some getting used to too!

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The Netherlands has a history of great painters. The 17th century was the age of the Dutch Masters, such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen. The 19th and 20th centuries are no less remarkable for their high-calibre artists like Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondriaan.


Well-known Dutch specialities include raw herring, smoked eel and pea soup, not forgetting Dutch cheeses such as Edam or Gouda.

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Hello again Geo.Error -


I don't think I can add anything more about the Netherlands that hasn't already been posted. But I do know one thing, and it's probably the most important........


I can find the Netherlands on a globe or map of Europe!!!


They say a large percentage of Americans wouldn't be able to find even anything like Europe on a map. I can. I did well in geography in school, and although some of the world has changed in the last 30 years, the Netherlands is still in the same place!


I was in Luxembourg 33 years ago on a class trip, that's as close as I've ever been.


My favorite rock band - RUSH - is releasing a concert DVD later this year from their shows in Rotterdam last year. Were any geocachers there?



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Well, where to start! My parents (MNLoon) are currently in our family's country of origin...The Netherlands! Born in to a long line of Dutch heritage, I actually walked in my klompen in a Tulip festival in Pella, Iowa, USA. I also participated in a dance group when I was younger and performed traditional dances like the hakatona (Did I even spell that correct?). During church I'd be soothed with a Queen Wilhelmina peppermint. My birthday was actually yesterday, April 29...1 day shy of the Big Day! I know that Alfred Peet was born in Alkmaar, Netherlands and moved to the US where he opened Peet's Coffee, Tea and Spices--and started the gourmet food revolution in the US by roasting his coffee the way he learned from his father. (It's really good coffee!)


It's a beautiful country, and I'm jealous that I can't be with part of my family as they enjoy their visit!


Fun cointest!

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:mad: Woot.. The Neater-Lands ROCKS! :P


I had the definite pleasure of spending a few months in this great country many years ago on uncle Sams dime, so if my memory is a little sketchy.. it's been awhile and... I'll attribute some of it to the frites, the Amstel with Apfel shots, frites and Heineken.. hey it covered all the main food groups. :P One of the things I remember most was that almost everyone there was fluent in gibberish.. couldn't understand a word they said, but I could sit and listen to em all day, it's a truly beautiful language... for gibberish. :P Most everyone I met while there was very nice and helpful, and willing to at least tell ya where you needed to go. :) I found that the entire country is fueled by frites and deep fried food. Don't get me wrong.. I ate WELL while I was there, and the Netherlanders are truly MASTERS at deep frying just about anything, ..... I probably couldn't tell ya exactly what some of the stuff was but as a general rule it was pretty tasty. :) Oh... I gotta mention this also when thinkin about my visit.. bear in mind, you get a group of young guys in the military together, anything is possible... Woke up one day and the Sgt. tells us to get in civvies.. we're goin on a trip to Keukenhof.. Ok.. what's a Keukenhof? We'll tell ya on the way.. LMAO... great. Anyways.. long story short... about 5km away from the place, a super sweet odor wafted through the fast train, and we looked out the windows to see fields and fields of tulips.. not just little piddly garden type plots.. FIELDS of em.. different colors alternating from field to field. I had just discovered the best smelling place on the planet. Keukenhof Gardens is an amazing place where all the different flora is showcased for the general public. Kinda like a Disneyworld for flower lovers. I was skeptical when I arrived but was blown away by the detail and extent to how much work was done for the displays by the time I left. For being such a girly place, it made for a great day off. Amazing place. I also got to visit an American Military cemetery in Margraten while in the Netherlands, it was a product of WWII. Walking past the monuments and gravesites of the thousands there will be a memory of mine forever, it truly was one of the most emotionally moving places I've been in my life. I feel the time I spent in the Netherlands has made me a little better person, and would just like to tip my hat to all the fantastic people there, and to the traditions they hold dear. You folks are great. :)


I'll exempt myself from the actual contest.. just had to share a bit.. :P





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When I was younger I used to travel to England by boat, somewhere halfway I would throw in a bottlepost.

Most of the time I would get a reply after a few months. One reply was very special.


My bottlepost got stuck in an old dutch fishermans net. He didn´t know much english and I can´t write in dutch so we started to correspond using dictionaries. As you understand that was not an easy task, so we started to send small things - like sovenirs, photos - just to let the other one know "hey, I´m thinking of you but can´t write much". He used to send small presents for my children. This lasted about 20 yrs then the letters would come more seldom but I kept sending letters and cards. I got someone to help me write some sentences in dutch and I got a reply from his even olderly sister that he had Alzheimers :) and he was in a bad shape. A few months later I got a letter from his sister saying he had passed away :mad:


We had never met in person but we had a very special friendship and I traesure his gifts.

One is a wallplate showing a fisherman mending his net, got it on my kitchen wall and the other one is a small plastic sledge (christmas decoration) that my kids took a liking to. Every year my oldest son would hang it near the topstar of the Christmas tree and put a santa in the sledge. When he got older my other children would take over and hang it - so every Christmas we think of Piet and our special friendship. Up till this day we still hang it near the topstar of our christmas tree.


and yes I do miss him !




Facts about The Netherland: You got 12 provinces , right? At least I signed up for such a race :P

Solan 109's 12 provincien racer

I went to Amsterdam when I was about 9 with my parents and went on a sightseeingboat.

I bought a dutch Donald Duck magazine.






Edit: To add photos

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The first international winter sports federation was the International Skating Union, founded in Scheveningen, Netherlands in 1892. The first ever 'world championship' of speed skating was held 3 years earlier in Amsterdam. Invited countries included Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Jaap Eden won the event, becoming the first ever 'world' champion.


The Netherlands still dominates the long track events, having won 75 Olympic medals since the sport was introduced in 1924.

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The Winner of this cointest isJan and the percey boys



1. You can get arrested for growing plants, but not for smoking them.

2. You can make jokes about the Belgians and still drink their beer.

3.a. You can legally kill yourself

3.b. You can legally be killed

4. You're exactly like the Germans, except that nobody hates you.

5. You think you are a world power, but everyone else thinks Copenhagen is your capital...

6. You get to insult people and defend yourself by saying it's a national tradition.

7. You can put your finger in a dyke and it will save your country

8. You live in the most densely populated country in Europe, and still you've never seen your neighbours.

9. If the economy is bad, blame the Germans. If a war is started, blame the Germans. If you lose your keys, blame the Germans.

10.Bikes are public property. Locks are a challenge.


tee hee - couldnt resist it it was a really nerdy answer!!!!


Congrats with winning our nerd, please e-mail me your adress

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Hello to all! I just came back home! Oh the cointest ended before I post my last 2 or 3 posts!! Well... iti s ok! :)

I lost the chance to bring a nerd in my collection! :-D kiding!!! :D


Congratulations to the winner, congratulations to my friend Geo error for the great cointest and thank you for that!!!


If it is ok, I will post them anyway if that is ok!


1) Belgium and the Netherlands were one country (united) when they made the revolution for independence against Spain and Aurtian Spanish Royal family.

They were one country from 1815 (under king Willem I) until 1830, when Belgans create their own country and royal family.


2) The first banknote of the Netherlands was the 3guildens, in 1794.

These were Dutch receipis and had the inscription: Gemeene Lands Comptoiren. (This info comes from Krause catalogue of world banknotes Vol2).

You can find later issues of the finance committee in the Hage, banknotes too, with the date 1795, and with names of cities or provencies, like Alkmaar, Delft, Dordecht, Enkuisen, gorinchem, gouda, Haarlem, 'S Hage, Leiden, Overyssel, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Zealand.

these banknotes have a variety of face values, from 2 &1/4 stuiver and up! Ithink one had face value of 450 gulden!!!!!

In 1795, there was also a banknote which was actually bread equivalmet issue, 4 stuiver = 4 ponds brot!!!


The first banknote series with the legent: Kingdom Netherlands bank, was minted in 1814, and the issue had banknotes with the face value of 25Guilden, 40Guilden, 60Guilden, 80Guilden, 100Guilden, 200Guilden, 300Guilden, 500Guilden, 1000Guilden. (1000G earlier notes had value writen and later notes with value printed!)

Netherlands Antilles first banknote was a 50guilden note, without date, and uniface and were printed in the 1800's.

Netherland Indies first note was a state note of 1 guilden of 1815.


Netherlands prinded some extremelly beautiful banknotes with galleon ships on them! (was the ship the Flying Dutchman, the ghost ship???)

2 of the most beautiful banknotes (personal believe), is the 50 guilden of 1982, that had a beautiful sun flower with a bee as design, and the 250 guilden of 1985 that had a light house!!!!!!

Of course I have none of them! they were too expensive for my collection! :)

If someone has a photo so other to see...


3) The netherlands have as neighbours probably the Smurfs too!!!! :D

They were created by a Belgian so.... :D

If by any chance have relations with the Netherlands, then Gargamel who is after them is probably German!!!!

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Well, this great cointest is over now! I've been reading everything and I liked it very, very much! Congrats to the winner and many thanks to Geo.Error for organising this cointest! :)


Now that it's over I still have a contribution to make. I know something about the Netherlands that no one has mentioned so far, but that might be very interesting for our geocaching friends abroad, because:












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Well, this great cointest is over now! I've been reading everything and I liked it very, very much! Congrats to the winner and many thanks to Geo.Error for organising this cointest! :D


Now that it's over I still have a contribution to make. I know something about the Netherlands that no one has mentioned so far, but that might be very interesting for our geocaching friends abroad, because:














maybe that explains why (and this is also neat trivia) the Dutch "12 Provincien Geocoin Race" (to this moment) is the worlds largest geocoin race with a total of 346 geocoins contesting in a race through our 12 (not 7!!) provincies.

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