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Things not working

Firth of Forth

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Yesterday and today I have tried several times to create waypoints for 'questions to answer' on a new cache. I am still getting a g.com error message.


Today I tried to upload some routes created on google earth. They don't appear to be uploading at all so that I can save them.


Anyone else having similar difficulties or is it just me?

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I did 2 routes over the weekend and they both worked fine. How are you creating yours?


What error were you seeing with th addtional waypoints?


This is the message I get (have tired it umpteen times with the same response):


"Sorry! We encountered an error when requesting that page!"


I am following the instructions given on the create a route page and using google earth, and saving the route as .kml file. I've done this plenty of times before without any problems.

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