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Age limit for an account?


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We are giving out some large prizes and decided that they are eligible based on if they have an account, they can claim tickets for the prizes. So now I think some parents are considering setting up accounts for each kid. :huh: which I guess is okay, maybe we can get Mega status that way! Since we did not place an age limit on it from the onset, I guess we can't say much now. Just double checking what Groundspeak's "rules" are on it.

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Many people in our area set up accounts for kids as a matter of course. Why not, if they cache? Our 6 year old has been caching since he was 3 and has participated in over 1200 finds. He's a more dedicated geocacher than many adults. Our six year old is as much a cacher, if not more so, than many adults who set up accounts only to find five caches, hide one, then vanish into the mists of time leaving behind geo-litter in a cracked and leaking Gladware container.

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My 6 year old son has an account so he can keep track of the caches he visits. I also use the logs as a way to get him to form his thoughts and opinions on his experiences. I just have to keep explaining to him what "spoilers" are -- there's nothing like a log that says, "This cache was fun to find. It was hidden behind some bark in the knot of a tree." ;)


As for drawings: The last event we went to, both our names ended up being drawn, so we declined to take a second item.

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My kids were 5 and 8 when we started caching, and I got them their own accounts within a couple months. Now they are 14 and 11. We've always been very glad that we did that, and involved them all the way. They have 10 caches hidden between the two of them, and although they're behind on logging (our whole family is, unfortunately!), I know they each have hundreds of finds. They feel like they are a part of the geocaching community, with their own identity. ;)


I can see the problem you are having with people signing up their kids for the Event. Hopefully they take it as an opportunity to involve their kids, and the accounts don't just languish after the Event is over.

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I can't find an answer to this in the guidelines, need to know for an event. Is there an age limit to having your own geocaching.com account and user name? Can an 5 year old have their own account? :)




I guess they could. Just hope they don't discover the forums because not everthing is appropriate!! ;)

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I have been taking my kids out cacheing since I first started. At first I wasn't going to give my son an account, but then he started finding them by himself. He is really good at finding one that I wouldn't neccesarily find, maybe it's because he has a different point of view. So we decided that when he turned 5 he could have an account. I think the hardest part was finding a name that could grow with him so he wouldn't feel like he had a boyish name when he gets older. He goes by transformer1.

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So now I think some parents are considering setting up accounts for each kid. which I guess is okay, maybe we can get Mega status that way!


Mega event status is dependant on numbers attending - not accounts attending.

If 5 people turn up with one account between them they score the same number of attendances (as long as they all sign the event log) as if they had 5 separate accounts....

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I know she wasn't the youngest and she has only found one cache but my granddaughter was 11 days old when she signed up.




Her first (and only so far) cache




My little one got her geocaching name given to her on 7-16-2007, about 5 months before she came out into this world. Don't ask me, i guess i was just a Tad bit excited about having a new geocaching partner. :D

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