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Lets talk multi caches


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We are fairly new to the geocaching world and have become VERY addicted to say the least. We enjoy hiding as much as we enjoy finding. We are wanting to put out a multi cache. Ive been doing research on different caches to see how everyone else does theirs. I haven't found all that much about how to list them and how they need to be done to get approved. Say if I want a 4 stage cache, how would I go about inserting all the coords. We are going to do a trivia one and the answers to the questions will be the key to the next one's place. Do we just put in one cache's coordinates? Im really a green pea here that needs some help. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Forums! :lol:


First, I would recommend reading the Guidelines carefully.


Putting out a Multi cache is a great idea, but you need to have all the stages, as well as the final, more than .1 (528') away from any other cache, or Multi waypoint. If the intermediate points are "Virtual" locations, like signs or plaques, the distance rule doesn't apply.


Before putting time and effort into your cache, you should find all the other caches in the area, including any Puzzle caches, so you can have all those waypoints in your GPSr when you go out to set your cache up.

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umm depends on what you want to do, if you want to do a 4stage virtualmulti like this one near the edge we recently put out you get to add co-ords as you compile the cache page, this gives you the co-ords to find the clues that are then re-jigged to give the final cache.


Many people with multi stage caches that have physical caches for each answer tend to put them out as stand alone caches and then add a fivnal mystery cache for when you've completed all the others! This gives you a modicum of a chance of completing the cache if one of the micros is muggled (especially if setting in aa low cache area)


Sure there must be a number of how too's lurking on these pages too ...but will discuss on or off board with you despite only having one out of two caches freed so far (my other is a 2 stage multi again using physical clues to get the cache co-ords)


as miragee says YOU MUST find ALL the caches in the area that you intend to place your cache including any difficult to solve puzzle caches ....it took us 4 visits to our cache site before we were happy with everything and then it took me 2hrs to complete the cache page! checking and double checking ...local cachers are good and if you have a local forum mention a new cache on there and ask them to be gentle with you!



Do loads of different caches around your area (the first two skirt lifters won't inform a 4 stage multi effectively!!)

Use click and lock style box or something equally as water tight (that old marg tub never sees the first storm out)

Include a 'you've found a geocache' sheet printable from front page of GC.com

Loads of good quality swaps

The largest sized container that the site can cope with (ie that will remain hidden)

Follow the rules ...reviewers WILL backtrack if they find that a cache has been hidden on an SSSI or in an animal burrow etc. (they reley on local cachers to tell them local knowledge)


Best wishes

minxyy :lol:

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When listing one, just choose a cache type of multi. The posted coordinates should be the beginning and the coordinates of all stages need to be listed as additional waypoints. If course you would select "hidden" so only you and the reviewer can see them.


Make sure all your stages are at least .1 mile from any other caches.

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