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Photos of trackable numbers


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I like to post photos of travel bugs when I pick them up or drop them in a new cache. I think it would be especially interesting to the TB owner to maybe get an idea of the surroundings. This is something I do with geocoins also. Someone mentioned to me recently that a photo I posted showed the tracking number on the TB & this was something that I should try to avoid showing. I'm not entirely sure why that is but I don't want to break any rules of etiquette. I'm sort of a newbie & still learning these things & would appreciate any guidance from the experts. Thanks.

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The reason you don't want the number of the TB Tag in the shot is because there are people here that scour the gallery for just such a thing so that they can "discover" the TB and increase their numbers (as if numbers really mean anything). Despite that they have never come across the bug.


Welcome to the addiction by the way.

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Posting photos with the numbers showing would allow other not so principled folks to log the bug online without ever seeing it.


Not hard to fix, using a photo editor program, place a text box over the number and paint it any color you choose. Or, just use the spray paint effect for the "tagged" look.

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Thank you guys for your sage advice. I'll go back into my gallery & edit any images to get rid of the tracking numbers. I assume this goes for geocoins as well. As far as being an addiction, it's better than any of the others I have. My wife says she created a monster when she first gave me the web site. I had no idea this sport existed or that there were caches so close.


Thanks again.

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Placing a little piece of masking tape or some other opaque tape over the tracking number before taking the picture makes it easy to ensure that the number doesn't show up in the photo without having to edit the picture.


I've seen several people include the tracking number in their cache logs too. They'll say something like "Took geocoin CR60G3, left TB 610400". I haven't yet witnessed a case of tracking number abuse from that happening.

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