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Car Travel Bugs

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Ok so I am new to all this - so if I frustrate some of you out there I'm sorry :( .... Here's my problem that I'm hoping that someone out there can help with...

I am soo fascinated and inspired by the geocaching community and the thrill of the chase I decided to by my car a TB - now I've activated that TB and what I'm trying to understand is this .....

Can I and / or do I log a starting point for the TB car so I can see the miles and map the car miles or can I not do this ? And if I can map the miles HOW do I do this ... Do I have to change edit a setting for my car TB ?... Thanks :)

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Hi, I was wondering how car decal travel bugs work?


I was browsing the World Caching store and came across this product: http://worldcaching.com/catalog/product_in...products_id=303


The description doesn't help me out too much. How can someone track it? It comes with 2 decals and a set of metal TB tags. Can someone please explain this to me?


I like the idea of the decal because it doesn't say geocaching.com on it and I like the whole mystery of it. Only geocachers would know what it means.


Thanks to anyone who can clarify this for me! <_<


Im sorta having the opposite prob. I cant find how to log a find. logging it wants a GC#

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