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Is it me...........

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Is it me or has anyone else noticed an increase in forum postings from Dodgydaved and Hornet in the past few days?


Have they too much time on their hands?




Then they should enjoy their 'retirement'.


Too long they have had to watch the forums, now they can join in with ease and voice their own opionions, when before they had to bite their tongues.


Nice to see their input on here!



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Then they should enjoy their 'retirement'.


Too long they have had to watch the forums............




My point entirely. What are they doing replying almost immediately??




We're not....see...nearly 9 minutes B)B)B)


I know how you feel. I felt the same way after I was "given" early retirement back in 2000. Fortunately the feeling only lasts about 10ms or so..........



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