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floating compass and arrow

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My venture seemed to be working fine till the other evening when I was looking for a cache. I was on the navigation screen, bearing pointer, and every now and then the needle would turn, sometimes in the opposite direction.


Tonight I took it out with my older venture. The older one's compass stayed steady and so did the needle. On the newer, higher sensitivy one, there was some drifting, or frequent updating or something. At first I thought it was the needle but then realized it was the compass. the needle was on the same place on the compase but the compass would move some. I didn't notice any major drifts, well maybe one but I had put the older one away by that time.


I haven't done any software updates, didn't need to it was already updated according to the garmin site. Do the high sensitivy ones drift more? I still manage to find caches. The other night it was just wierd, I really had to watch the needle to figure out which direction it really was pointing to. If I remember correctly in this case it was only the pointer.

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