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Im Stumped...

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I can get the "easy finds" pretty easy when cacheing. I guess thats why thier rated easy.


But I stumble on some on the website that have a kind of cryptoquote in them, like the ones from the papers...


Is there a good way to approach solving these things? or does the hider get to make up thier own means for the rest of us to try and figure out?


Im looking at one now that (while I obviously DO NOT want anyone to give it away) is a series of numbers, each set four digits in legth followed by another set of four digits... it lookes like this:


1172 1623 2342 . . . etc (not the real numbers)


Any ideas for a newbie?

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First thought, use the degrees that are the co-ords for your area, and maybe the minutes as well if you know roughly where it is, and use this as a base for how to solve it


In puzzle caches around here, I obviously know that it's N45 W075, and at that it's probably N45 2_.___ W075 (38-41).___


That's how I start these

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Google -- a lot.

I have an idea about the 4 digit numbers. put them into google and see if you get something.


Also -- always look at the title of the cache. Often there are clues there.


This site describes a lot of different ciphers.

It's a lot of work to go through, but I learned a lot from it this past winter when weather and dark kept me inside.


I'm certainly no expert in solving these. About 1 time out of 5 I end up asking the CO for a nudge in the right direction.

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Do a forum search for "help solving puzzles" or something similar. There was a thread within the past month or so that listed two independent caches several thousand miles apart that each included fairly comprehensive lists of common geocaching puzzles. You might find one that uses groups of 4-digit numbers.


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I remember when asking about puzzles in the forums was considered bad form. Of course so was helping to solve them. Perhaps you should contact the cache owner for a hint or two.

Talking genericly about how to solve puzzles is not nor has it ever been "bad form".


Talking about how to solve A Certain puzzle may be.


The OP should not be discouraged from discussing puzzle methodology.

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