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Woot! My first find


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So I made my first find today, was very exciting. Here is the log I left.


My First find!

I picked up my son from Preschool today and we went treasure hunting. We were tromping through the woods, the only other people around was a groundskeeper. We looked at the compass, and passed it, then we walked past it again, then we came back and there it was, right under our noses. We just started geocaching and my son (4) was very excited to find it!


We went through the cache and looked at all kinds of interesting things. I examined the travel bug, but since I am heading to California not Ohio I left it there.


My son loved a the little plastic lizard and worm, and was willing to trade an oil tanker hot wheel for them, I think the cache got a good deal on that one.


Thank you for the hunt and find.


T lizard and worm, L Oil Tanker Hot Wheel, SL.




This was a lot of fun and he really enjoyed it, as well as I. I am so glad I bought a GPS instead of a PS3!


Forgot here is the link to the cache I found.



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Yeah, my almost-5-year-old daughter and I went on our first 'caching expedition this weekend. My wife and I'd been mulling it over for quite a while after reading an article about it and this weekend we finally decided to jump. Short trip to the store for a GPS unit and then we were off. In the backseat all I kept hearing was "I can't wait to find the treasure, Daddy."


The caches we hunted were within a mile of our house in a park that we frequent almost daily. Following the arrow we narrowed in and finally left the path at an opportune point. About 35 feet in we practically stumbled upon the ammo-can cache! My daughter shrieked and we ducked down and got to digging in the loot. Lots of interesting things but we neglected to bring swag -- we left in a hurry -- so we just signed the log and went to the next one. It was about 1000 feet away and after a bit more hunt through the woods we finally scored it.


Last night all three of us finally got to go out for a quickie micro cache find. My wife and daughter navigated us to the parking lot and we were stumped for a good 20 minutes until my wife had a flash of inspiration and found the very well-disguised cache.


I think it's a wonderful activity and already day-dream -- and dream, actually -- about the hunt.

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We went out again today to a nearby park. My kids wanted to play in the playground so we did that for a bit, then we went out treasure hunting... And found 3, which was a lot of fun, and couldn't find another but it was just a little two close to a steep hill and water... Hill + Water + 2 and 4 year old = Wet kids.


Going to get my wife to go next.



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Congrats on the first find, and thank you for joining the insanity.


I am sure you and the son will love your GPS purchase so much more than the PS3, think of all the time you will spend together away from the TV, tromping through the woods looking at nature and talking about whatever crosses his mind.


Be sure to filter the queries for larger caches. Although some micros and nanos can be fun, your son will enjoy seeing the treasures to be found in the larger caches, and get more enjoyment trading stuff.

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